Chirico: 'I casi De Ligt e Cuadrado, dopo Dybala, sono un autogol senza senso. Dove vuole andare questa Juve?'

At Juventus there is not only a (necessary) market that does not start, but the first internal cases are also opening up. That of Dybala seemed to be the only one, and albeit in a traumatic way it was resolved, but now those of De Ligt and Cuadrado. A sign of a malaise that was kept dormant but was latent.

The renewal of the Dutchman seemed to have been done, but from the orange retirement Mattia (Italianize) made it known that he will only put that signature on the contract extension under certain conditions, and with the necessary reassurance on the next technical project. Because “two fourth places in a row are not enough, Juve is a club that must always be a champion”.

The mantra “winning is the only thing that matters” has been fully assimilated by De Ligt but at the Continassa does not seem to have sufficiently clear ideas at the moment to be able to do it again in a short time. The resources available for the market will also be limited, but it is not even possible to glimpse creative solutions to quickly get out of the impasse of the last 2 negative seasons. The Dutchman was also an accomplice with some of his mistakes too many, but the quality of the player is not in dispute.

Before renewing De Ligt wants to understand what Juventus intends to do to strengthen itself, and Juventus fans like him. When he arrived, Cristiano was still there Ronaldo, which acted as a magnet for the best players around. With him gone, Juve’s attractiveness began to wane, also thanks to the team’s disappointing results on the pitch. Rightly De Ligt now looks around and reflects.

Maybe the good Cuadrado will do it too, having entered on a collision course with the management for the refusal to retract his salary figures downwards, renewed yes, but using a clause within it – agreed with the previous management – capable of earning him the same money for another year. Not stupid Juan! But at Continassa they didn’t take it well, and now out of spite they are also willing to put the Colombian on the market. One of the best of the current squad, as well as De Ligt. I understand the desire to want to lower the wage bill, but voluntary castrations should be avoided.

Can current Juventus deprive themselves of two like them, considering that they should then replace them with players of the same level? If someone pays the 120 million clause established for the Dutchman, maybe yes, but we should be sure to collect that amount in full, and do it in this market, because – if it were not to extend until 2025 – next season would enter the ‘ last year of the contract and the collection would automatically go down, and by a lot.

And what would be the sense of replacing the 34-year-old, but still very valid, Cuadrado with another 34-year-old, albeit still very strong, like Di Maria, who would only park for one season at Juventus? Paying him, moreover, even more than Giovanni (let’s Italianize)?

I want to find meaning in these stories, even if these stories don’t have a meaning, Vasco would say.

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