Le lacrime di Chiellini: 'La BBC è un pezzo di storia. Bonucci resta solo, ma ha la personalità per guidare la Juve'
Giorgio Chiellini has chosen Juventus official channels for a final farewell to the team that has been his for 17 years and their fans. In an interview in which he retraced some of the most symbolic moments with the black and white colors on him and those of the national team, in which there was no lack of moments of deep emotion talking about affections and family. But also of teammates and friends off the pitch such as Buffon, Bonucci and Barzagli.

The BBC is a piece of Juve history, in ten years we have shared a lot, everything. I think Gigi is the one I’ve played with the most in my life. Leo is the second. With Barza a little less, but we are there. Buffon is genuine, it’s true and he involves you in everything he does. He is special. For all of us, Barzagli was a rock on and off the pitch, because in any case he managed to be authoritative but with the youngsters and the South Americans he was more light-hearted than us. I certainly like Leo’s energy and he manages to put in everyone. He really has an energy that he releases and is inexhaustible. Against his many detractors he has shown that he has a career that none of them thought. The reality is that all of us have improved each other. Without the presence of one or the other we would have been less good: there is not one who has not benefited from the presence of the other. I think it’s a very beautiful thing. “

On the legacy that Bonucci will have to collect: “Now he will be a little more alone, he will feel the same feeling I felt when Gigi left. Being alone gives you a chance to fill the void your mate leaves and do it right. Leo has personality, he will have to be himself and surely he will be with his strengths and weaknesses to lead the team in the coming years which will have to see us return to raise a trophy. And I hope that Leo will lift his first trophy as captain next year “.

On his last seasons: “I would have given another leg to get to the tenth championship in a row and get out of the scene like that. But we have done something incredible, the importance of the property in these ten years is undeniable. I think I have given a lot to Juve, but I think I have received much more, I feel lucky to have written pages in the history of this club. The biggest disappointments? Berlin stayed here for me, it was the only year I hadn’t even had an injury and it’s a rarity for me. Up until five days before the final I had only missed a couple of games to manage myself, then unfortunately the calf came knocking on the door. Cardiff? It was one of the worst defeats, even if getting there was far from obvious. The disappointment remains, but not the regrets, because we had done our best “.

On his future: “There are certainly these colors, I will have to learn new things, but I will always do it with the same passion and dedication that I have always put into my work “.

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