Chevrier and Ghelfi win the first stage of the Italian mountain running championship

GAZZANIGA (BG) – Mount Poieto and the setting of the Orobic Prealps were the setting for the Italian Mountain Running Championship, today at the start in Gazzaniga. Surrounded by a luxuriantly green landscape, like the La Recastello Radici Group jersey, “La Corsa del Settantesimo” took place, a historic competition dedicated this year to the anniversary of the foundation of the La Recastello Radici Group Sports Association, and which saw competitions over 300 among the best Italian top runners, gathered in Valseriana to bring home this first technical ascent and descent test valid to establish the absolute Italian champions.

The finish line confirmed the favorites after two laps of a 6 km circuit to be lapped and identical for both men and women, with an overall altitude difference of 800 meters (over 12 km) and a great variety of track, which it unraveled among meadows, mule tracks, stairways, woods and asphalt, keeping the concentration high.

Francesca Ghelfi she opened a gap on her rivals from the early stages that grew steadily throughout the race and took home a splendid victory with 1h 2 ’57 “, behind her Sara Bottarellithe promise Alessia Scaini And Alice Gaggi, who fought and alternated for almost the entire route, except in the last stretch where the Bottarelli flew downhill to take second place. “In the first race of the season it is better not to spare yourself and knowing that the lions are running behind me, I gave everything as a good gazelle – he commented Francesca Ghelfi – and I was really excited to find the athletes who had been missing for a while and above all in a varied route with a lot of climbing like this one “.

No less exciting is the predictable and intense battle between the reigning champion Cesare Maestri with three consecutive golds in the appeal in the individual Italian championships and the multiple award-winning Aosta Valley Xavier Chevrier. The two monsters of mountain running always proceeded at the same pace throughout the competition which saw them 11 seconds behind the finish line. A wonderful Xavier Chevrier wins with 53 ‘and 10 ”. Third was another expected champion Alberto Vender with 53’55 “.

“It was a shared race with my longtime friend and teammate – he says Xavier Chevrier – we played it from the beginning by taking our distance from the group and on the last descent we kept the margin between one and the other. My team is from a town near Gazzaniga and it is particularly exciting to compete for the seventy years of La Recastello, because mountain running was born here, the history of the discipline was made here and it still lives here “.” The race – he continues – was demanding: a slippery and dangerous descent, the sultry heat and the ascent to face the second lap created considerable difficulties. We will play the championship in Premana with the only climb, but now we have to take measures for the Europeans in Spain in the Canaries. “

Talents are also confirmed Axelle Vicari and Elia Mattiowhich take home the first place on the podium for the Juniores category and the Promesse Luca Merli And Vivien Bonzi.

The awards ceremony is opened by the Lombardy Region Tourism Councilor and CONI Provincial Delegate Lara Magoniformer ski champion and winner of 18 national gold medals, here representing Giovanni Malagò, President of CONIto pay homage to the President Luciano Merla and the important milestone reached by La Recastello Radici Group.

TOP 10 Female

1 Francesca Ghelfi 1 02’57 “

2 Sara Bottarelli 1h04’22 “

3 Alessia Scaini 1h04’29 “

4 Alice Gaggi 1h05’10 “

5 Njihia Catherine Wanjiru 1h06’29 “

6 Murigi Lucy Wambui 1h06’29 “

7 Vivien Bonzi 1h06’30 “

8 Elisa Sortini 1h06’54 “

9 Nadia Re 1h08’19 “

10 Luisa Rocchia 1h09’05 “

TOP 10 Male

1 Xavier Chevrier 53’10 “

2 Cesare Maestri 53’21 “

3 Alberto Vender 53’55 “

4 Martin Dematteis 54’08 “

5 Hannes Perkmann 54’24 “

6 Luca Merli 54’30 “

7 Andrea Rostan 55’32 “

8 Marco Filosi 56’09 “

9 Marco Moletto 56’21 “

10 Fabio Ruga 57’12 “

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