Cava de 'Tirreni International Tournament: U.15 Lnd one step away from the semifinals

ROME – L’Under 15 LND beat 3-1 la Turris in the second match of Group A of TCava de ‘Tirreni International Orneo and is one step away from the semifinals. Cover a Gabriel Sarto author of a hat-trick, with two goals in the first match, there are already five centers for the Sandonà player. But it’s the whole recruiter’s team Roberto Chiti to have shown great motivation, concentration in the key moments of the match and one mental strength which knocked out the opponents especially when Turris tried to reopen the match. The LND is a team that plays, has fun and wins.

THE RACE – The first half he ended up 2-0 for the LND thanks to a delicious lob from Sarto that was repeated in the 25th minute after having discarded the goalkeeper, signing an encore for the Representative. Valuable launch in depth of Petrone. In the first fraction he was good Walls to deflect a poisonous shot of Formisano. In the second half, the Representative took the field with the right humility, demonstrating a lot application it’s a sacrifice constant. The NLD managed it without risk, a sign of maturity. Mura has unraveled a slippery situation. Sarto touched the trio which he then hit in the 14th minute with a beautiful and precise conclusion. A minute later By Biase of the Turris he tried to reopen the game but until the final whistle the Representative risked little or nothing by going close to poker several times with Carlini, Galvagno and Padriciello.

Today at 7pm the third and final match of Group A with the Salerno always at the “Desiderio” in Cava de ‘Tirreni. There grenade formation iyou were narrowly lost in the match against Cavese. A draw is enough for the LND to access the semifinals. Certainly the selection of Roberto Chiti will not make calculations by taking the field to win. The match will be broadcast live on the Eleven channel, Lnd profile. Twenty-two players from the 2007 class called up by Chiti are involved in two-half matches of 30 ‘each. Seven substitutions allowed. A group made up of players belonging to Serie D clubs and associations of the regional championships. The eight teams participating in the tournament were divided into two groups. The first two of each group move to the semifinals.

TURRIS-Under 15 LND 1-3

TURRIS: (4-2-3-1): Iuliano; D’Antuono, Capuozzo (Cap.), Ciaccio (8’st Coppola), Teratone (18’st Mirra); Reccia (3’st Battilo), Gala (13’st Bianco); Di Guida (13’St Verdezza), Formisano (3’st Notaro), Iaccarino (8’st Di Biase); Basile. All: Pedalino
UNDER 15 LND (4-3-3): Mura (16’st Porciatti); Anedda, Gamba, Belloni (Cap.), Camerlingo (20’st Fanali); Petrone (17’st Padriciello), Curzi, Pregnolato (13’st Steffani); Sarto (28’st Gabos), Tassotti (13’st Galvagno), Romanini (16’st Carlini). All: Chiti
REFEREE: Rea of ​​Nocera Inferiore
MARKERS: 12 ‘and 25’ pt and 14 ‘st Sarto (R), 15’st Di Biase (T)
Ammonites: Basile, D’Antuono (T)
NOTE: spectators present about three hundred. Recovery 3 ‘pt, 6’ st

Tuesday 7th June
(1st matchday group A)
Cavese-U15 LND 0-5
Salernitana-Turris 3-2

Wednesday 8th June
(2nd matchday group A)
Turris-U15 LND 1-3
Cavese-Salernitana 1-0

Classification: LND 6 points; Salernitana and Cavese 3; Turris 0


(3rd matchday group A)
16.20 Turris-Cavese
7 pm Salernitana-U15 LND – CS “Desiderio” of Cava de Tirreni (Sa) -direct streaming Lnd profile

(Semi-finals): 10.30 / 15.00 at the “Simonetta Lamberti” stadium in Cava de Tirreni (Sa)

Saturday 11 June
(Final): 4.45 pm at the “Simonetta Lamberti” stadium in Cava de Tirreni (Sa)

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