Catia Pedrini greets 'her' Modena


I don’t think 10 years can be summed up in a few lines and that’s not what I want to do: slipping into rhetoric or getting bogged down in melancholy would be too easy and too far from my way of being.

I much prefer to look to the future: the baton, as beautiful as it is heavy, is now in Giulia’s hands. I have learned to know her strength and her determination, in recent years, as well as her delicacy and sensitivity, qualities that will guide her decisions towards the best possible future for Modena Volley.

To you, who from Lombardy has chosen to take charge of one of the most historic and difficult squares of Italian volleyball, goes my deepest gratitude and best wishes for a journey full of all the beautiful things that this sport is able to give. .

Heartfelt thanks to all the people who shared a piece of the road with us.

Heartfelt thanks to the partners who have believed in us over the years and have contributed to the sustenance of the company: it is also thanks to them that we have always been here.

Heartfelt thanks to the players and technical staff who followed one another, to those who spit blood for the shirt, who worked with seriousness and professionalism, who raised trophies or who spent every last drop of sweat to try: Modena never forgets who fought for her.

Heartfelt thanks to those Modena Volley collaborators who have worked for this club over the years from behind the scenes, driven by passion and enthusiasm. I wish them to achieve all the goals and satisfactions they deserve in life.

Finally, to the Modena audience, all the crazy, wonderful and unique Modena audience, my biggest thanks go. In every moment, from the darkest to the brightest, you have always been by our side, with your voices and your heart; I don’t think there are enough words to express the gratitude I feel for you, I just want you to know that you will be my happy memory when I need to fly a little.

It’s true, people come and go, Modena remains. It is equally true, however, that if Modena is always here, the credit goes to the people: if the Panini family had not decided to invest in volleyball, perhaps Modena would never have had a top team. If Giovanni Vandelli had not collected such an important inheritance, our history might have ended much earlier. If Pietro Peia had not worked beyond all reasonable limits for his survival, volleyball in Modena would have ceased to exist.

If I hadn’t done the same in these 10 years, volleyball would no longer exist in Modena.

If allowed, I would like to remind you that taking the things we love for granted never leads to anything good.

And now I would go on vacation for a while because, as Forrest said, “I’m a bit tired …” ».

Thank you all

Catia Pedrini

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