Casini: 'Serie A, quadro non confortante tra ricavi e stadi: serve piano industriale e nuova governance per la Lega'

Lorenzo Casinipresident of the Serie A Leaguein an article published in the journal Ants took stock of the situation in the Italian top league: “The current picture is not very comforting, because Serie A has lost ground not only compared to the Premier League, but also to La Liga and the Bundesliga, in terms of both production value, and revenues from audiovisual rights “, he reports

“The infrastructure situation sees only four stadiums owned and an average age of the plants of over sixty years, with 90% of the stadiums completely lacking in terms of energy efficiency. The balance sheets of the companies are suffering, with cases of deep indebtedness and frequent recapitalisations. How can we recover from all this and bring Serie A back up?

“First of all, it is necessary to intervene in three areas: increasing resources; improving infrastructures; working on culture, education and training. Resources can be increased both by reducing costs – here the issue relating to prosecutors and agents, on which the Fifa is working and on which coordinated action is needed at an international level, it is urgent – both by allowing football companies to generate more revenue. “

“In the case of Italy, the discipline of selling audiovisual rights abroad is emblematic, held back by unjustified and absent rules and stakes in other countries of the world. Another important issue is that of gaming and betting revenues, hence football it receives nothing even though it is the driver of such revenues. There are also a series of interventions that concern new technologies – as in the case of fan tokens – or even more advanced forms of marketing the Serie A brand “.

“These actions require a Serie A industrial plan, with modernization of its form of governance. The preparation of such a project, also urged by the government, has become indispensable today and all companies are aware of it, so much so that it has already started in the 2021 the path of creating a media-company “.

“Then there is the issue of stadiums. Here, regardless of the opportunities that the Europeans of 2032 could offer, if assigned to Italy, it is now clear that only a government intervention can accelerate the construction and recovery of the facilities. national control room to examine the dossiers in progress and identify the solutions to overcome the administrative problems “.

“The most difficult and perhaps most ambitious match, however, is the cultural one. Football is a formidable means of growth and training, with enormous potential to break down barriers and all forms of discrimination. In this respect, Serie A can and must do more, starting by putting into system the numerous initiatives that many companies are already promoting, especially among the student population “.

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