Carnesecchi-Lazio, Lotito thinks about relaunching

ROME- Under 10 million it is useless to continue to negotiate. He also understood it Lotitois considering planning a 12 million raise to convince Percassi to yield Carnesecchi. The operation on the left shoulder, the stop period of 3-4 months, did not stop either Sarri nor the president. There Lazio goes on on the blue, owned by Atalanta. The negotiations did not stop and a new assault will be launched at the beginning of the week. Percassi is not freeing himself from the valuation of 15 million and would like to sell it only on loan. It’s a formula that can be convenient for Lotito, in this way he would evaluate the recovery of the goalkeeper before allocating the money needed to get him. A percentage can be included in the loan, which Atalanta would collect in the event of the resale of Carnesecchi by Lazio. Meanwhile, the goalkeeper began to follow Reina And Unripe on Instagram.

The alternative is vicar

Sullo background remains the candidacy of Vicar ofEmpoli, first alternative. Yesterday he was officially redeemed by Cagliari, the Tuscans got a discount: they paid 8 million instead of 10.5. Vicar has entered orbit Fiorentina, waits to know its future. The diesse Tare he has already met his managers, he is part of the Giuffrida stable. It is normal to work on two tracks. Sarri he asked Lotito not to give up Carnesecchiis willing to wait for him as long as a deputy arrives. Reina, 40 years to be completed on 31 August, gives no guarantees. He lost his seat in the middle of the season, he was no longer able to overtake Strakosha. Among the eligible candidates, for the role of deputy Carnesecchi, there is Provedel of La Spezia, expiring in 2023, costs 2-3 million. There is Inter’s Radu option, requested by Empoli and Cremonese. An extra goalkeeper would help Mau during the months of absence of the blue. The defence. Lazio is missing the goalkeeper, maybe two. And they continue to fail defenders. For Romagnoli, after the latest raise of 2.7 million plus bonuses, it is expected to formalize in July. Yesterday the Milan hypothesis arose for Unripe, but the two operations are unrelated. Lazio was convinced to close with Romagnoli anyway. Wait for news Farmhouse from Verona: «I have received many messages and I have read a lot of news. A few days ago I spoke to my agent, he will call me when things are concrete. It’s nice to be approached by the big teams, I’m waiting for the call. Sarri he is a great coach, I would like to play for him », the words of the Hellas defender. Lazio and Verona would be close to the agreement for Casale, within 10 days it could be officially defined. Lotito he is used to announcing the strikes after July 1st for balance sheet issues. Marcos Antonio, the first purchase, will arrive on Monday in Rome and on Tuesday morning will carry out the medical examinations, then will sign with Lazio, the formalization will always take place in July. The next two weeks will have to be crucial to give Sarri at least three hits. Quattro asked for them within the retreat (5-22 July).

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