Car incentives, those for petrol and diesel ended

Three weeks have passed since the Mise platform was reopened to book car and motorcycle bonuses. And these were enough to do finish the 170 million euros allocated to cars with emissions between 61 and 135 g / km of CO2that is to say those with internal combustion engine (petrol and diesel). There are still 187 million for electric cars and more than 202 million for plug-in hybrids.

The effects of incentives

In these three weeks, thanks to the bonuses, they have been purchased 85 thousand cars with traditional low-emission engines, for which a reduction of 2 thousand euros was foreseen with the scrapping of a Euro4 or earlier car. And now? We have to wait until 2023when other funds will be available to incentivize the purchase of petrol and diesel vehicles amounting to 150 million (20 less than this year).

Industry associations

In the meantime, the representatives of the sector associations spoke on the subject, in particular on the gap created with the money still available for electric and plug-in hybrids. “Perhaps the government should adopt a system of communicating vessels between the different engines”, Declares Primo Quagliano, president of the Promotor Study Center. “It is right that the incentive takes into account the need to push towards the electric and the hybrid. Sacrosanct therefore that they are two engines that have the highest bonus, up to 5 thousand and up to 4 thousand euros with scrapping. On the contrary. I would also like to raise this ceiling, but it is not fair for the market that the segment that pulls the most sales is penalized in terms of resources. There should be a mechanism of communicating vessels between the different scraps to compensate and encourage sales. The allocation of 650 million is unique“. He is joined by Plinio Vannini, vice president of Federauto, the association of dealers: “We do not want lifetime incentives, rather it would be better to change the car-related tax policy regarding corporate fleets. In these three years, however, until 2024, there are also incentives that aim to support the market and promote a replacement of old cars. Perhaps a more pragmatic attitude would be needed. Certainly the 85 thousand cars sold are less polluting than those scrapped. So why stop and not rebalance?“.

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