Calciomercato Roma, Zaniolo moves away: Milan prepares the lunge

ROME – Today is the Milan the hottest track for Zaniolo. A new meeting with the prosecutor is scheduled for Tiago Pinto’s return from Portugal. Roma want to make money with the sale of the attacker, but it will be difficult to reach the 50/60 million that he would like. Meanwhile, the Milan moves, Maldini told Vigorelli that he does not yet know what the market budget will be with the new property, so he cannot yet formulate an offer. However, the Rossoneri club would like to include a player in the negotiations, from Saelemaekers to Rebic, names that have not aroused enthusiasm in Trigoria. In addition, Rome has to make cash and would only like cash. Zaniolo’s sacrifice would serve to finance the market to buy the players Mourinho asked for. With the change of ownership, Milan would like to give Pioli a talent that they can grow as they did with Leao, and Zaniolo in this sense stimulates the whole Rossoneri environment.

The contract of discord

Meanwhile, the speech launched by Rome months ago to extend Zaniolo’s contract never took off. Nicolò today would like at least 4.5 million per season, while in the autumn he would have been satisfied with 3.5 million. After the victory of the Conference, achieved thanks to his goal in the fi nal, he believes he can get close to Pellegrini and Abraham, who are the two players who earn the most in Rome. Mourinho writes to him during the holidays to motivate him, his departure is not certain, but if Roma does not renew the contract that expires in 2024, he loses contractual weight. The main goal of Zaniolo and his entourage is to renew another year with Roma, to then have more choice at the end of next season, exactly the summer of 2023. But there is no money around and there is no it is easy to find today a way out that everyone can agree on. Milan, with Juventus in the background, is the club most interested. The Juventus club must absolutely make some outgoing sales before it can move. But contacts with Zaniolo’s attorney are frequent, demonstrating that left-handed talent still attracts various interests to him. After four years in the Giallorossi and after giving Roma the Conference League Cup with his goal in the fi nal against Feyenoord, Nicolò has never been so close to leaving. In the event of a sale, the Giallorossi club will have to pay Inter 15 percent of the proceeds. It is not an insignificant figure, because out of 50 million he would lose 7.5.

Better in Italy

The most probable destination for Zaniolo is in Italy, but in recent days Lyon has made a survey and something is moving in England too. West Ham would be willing to invest in the business, but not the figures that Rome is asking for, the French and British at most can reach thirty million. Zaniolo would prefer to stay in Italy. The season that has just ended has not been easy for Nicolò, who has just had two knee surgeries. He has scored eight goals, including five in the Conference League. Over the course of the season Mourinho turned him into second striker in 3-4-1-2 and the blue felt more comfortable than him. The Zaniolo intrigue will not be resolved in one day and will animate the Giallorossi summer for a long time. Roma want to capitalize to the maximum with the sale of a player who in recent times had also lost the position of fixed owner. But the fi nal exploit in the Conference League has brought him back as a transfer man. Certainly without Zaniolo, after losing Mkhitaryan, Roma will have to rebuild a large part of the offensive department. The playmaker remains Mourinho’s priority, but Tiago Pinto is also very active on the market for outside strikers to get to the right pawns to support Abraham.

Milan goal: Nicolò Zaniolo

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Milan goal: Nicolò Zaniolo

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