Calciomercato Milan, Rebic in the list of starters

MILAN – In his three seasons with the Rossoneri, Rebic it was both a cross and a delight for the Rossoneri fans. In the first two championships, for example, he was a ghost or almost in the first round, only to become a driving force in the return leg. For the scudetto just won, however, it was certainly not a factor. His year was bad, with a couple of high notes and no more, however not enough in light of his qualities and potential. It is true that a long series of injuries have held him back and conditioned him. This is certainly a mitigating factor. But when he was well and Pioli gave him space, he stood out above all for nervousness and mistakes, more than for the decisive plays. Does this mean that his AC Milan future is in the balance?


It is probably excessive to consider it as such. But it is also true that there can be no absolute certainties. Especially if offers of a certain type arrive. Of which so far, in any case, there is no trace. Moreover, there is also Ibrahimovic’s injury to influence the choices of the Rossoneri club. The idea is to continue for another year with the Swede, who, after the knee operation, will only be available to Pioli in January or February. Origi is the new entry for the center forward department. For the first part of the season, the ex-Liverpool will share the space with Giroud. In case of need, however, Rebic would become the third choice. He has already made the central striker, evidently with different characteristics, but his flexibility is an element to count on, avoiding to allocate resources to the purchase of another center forward. If so, he will talk about it again in January, if Ibra’s recovery does not give sufficient guarantees.

No agreement

As already pointed out, however, there is a variable. AC Milan, in fact, does not rule out selling Rebic in the face of a proposal deemed satisfactory. Which, obviously, cannot be less than 20 million euros. At that point yes, it will be necessary to enter another striker. And who knows that precisely for this reason the Devil keeps the name of Lang warm, the other precious piece of Bruges together with De Katelaere. Accustomed to starting from the left, but also, if necessary, to be an attacker, the Dutchman, to date, would be one more. But the scenario could change. And in any case Lang, whose representatives have already had the opportunity to speak with the Rossoneri management, made it clear that he would come to Milan in a hurry. He without prejudice to yesterday’s clarification: “I have no agreement with Milan or other teams. I aim to grow and improve. It would be easier if I went to a bigger club. But it cannot be ruled out that he may also remain at Bruges“.

Milan, here is Ibrahimovic's new contract

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Milan, here is Ibrahimovic’s new contract

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