Calciomercato Milan, Politano offers himself on the right

MILAN – Shooting a right for the market Milan. The Rossoneri opened the hunting to a level player on the opposite lane to Rafael’s Leaothe best player of the last Serie A, and among the various external polled in these days the name of Matteo also came out Politanowho asked for the assignment to the Naples and he is looking around. Gennaro Gattuso would like to take it to the Valenciawith Rino on the blue bench Politano had played an excellent season and between the two there is great feeling, but the financial situation is not simple. Therefore there have been indirect contacts with Fiorentina And Milan. Aurelio De Laurentiis’ club asks 15 million euros but it is a negotiable amount, on which we can work. Milan also evaluates Matteo Politano for the right lane, he took information and will analyze his situation over the next few days, aware that the blue winger could change his shirt and would be interested.

The ransoms

Maldini and Massara are now concentrated above all on the redemption of Junior Messiaswhich acts precisely in the same field position. Contacts continue with the telephone numbers Crotone to try to lower the price of the Brazilian and get a discount of around 4 million euros. The figure established last summer, of 5.5 million euros, may decrease and the contacts between the parties are frenetic because Milan want to close the deal within a few hours, and then concentrate on something else. Meanwhile, always with the same formula, the Rossoneri have found an agreement with Roma for the redemption of Alessandro Florenzi, obtaining a discount on the 2.8 million euros instead of the 4.5 million established last summer. Stefano Pioli would like to keep the players who led Milan to triumph with the Scudetto in the squad.

The wait

Meanwhile Sven BotmanDutch defender from 2000, wants to wait for the Milan at all costs. Newcastle’s pressing against Lille and the player himself is suffocating, and the card of the highest economic proposal is being played to convince everyone. L’Dutch however he is firm on his position, insists on signing with Milan. The AC Milan club has a rough five-season agreement with Botman, but has not yet unlocked the deal with Lille, who are hoping to spark an auction and sell the defender in the Premier League. Botman wants to resolve everything by the date of the summer meeting, so it will be twenty decisive days for the defender’s future. The Milan he believes in it and has no intention of losing it after processing his purchase for six months. Contacts between the parties are the order of the day, the player’s resistance could make the difference in the negotiation.

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