Calciomercato Lazio, Romagnoli in the drawer.  Tare flies to London

ROME – Sarri shudders, waiting for reinforcements. Tare flew on a mission abroad, apparently he was in London and met Chelsea. Lotito is out of Rome, he has taken a few days off with his family to ease the stress and try to keep the phone away too. He will return to Villa San Sebastiano tomorrow and over the weekend he will prepare a week of high intensity. The technician is waiting for news and has been asked to be patient. The political-sporting battle, waged with the Serie A League to challenge the registration parameters for the next championship, comes in first place. On Tuesday the appeal of the FIGC will be discussed at the TAR of Lazio after the decision of the Coni College of Guarantee. By Tuesday at midnight, the biancoceleste company will have to regularize the liquidity index to obtain the national license. There are no doubts or worries, but a few unspecified million dances (just over 2, maybe even 3 or 4) and Lotito has to settle through outgoing market operations (preliminaries are allowed) or his own resources. The liquidity index, anchored to the registration, also unlocks the entry market. In all cases, the (partial) success at the College of Guarantee changes little. We must intervene. It is a question of principle and substance, it can explain why certain operations, outlined but not yet formalized, could be postponed to the first days of July. The important thing is that it doesn’t turn into an excuse. Sarri is beginning to rise, we know his way of understanding football: he has signed a three-year contract, but the programming has a greater weight than the contract and the new season starts in two weeks.

Romagnoli blocked

Lotito waits for the first days of July to formalize the first incoming transactions. Alessio Romagnoli, with or without the sale of Acerbi, is very close. The agreement may have already been reached for some time, although no one will confirm it. According to other rumors, he would miss the full understanding. The certain news, compared to the end of May, is one: Romagnoli has already greeted Milan, there are no counter-proposals or further attempts to renew. Finished story. In the last few days Alessio would have said no to Monza and Fiorentina too, he decided to join. It seems impossible that Lotito could lose him. And the wait makes us understand only one thing: there is an agreement to be formalized (or signed) only in the right time, that is, after registering for the championship, between the end of June and the beginning of July. Sarri in defense is also waiting for other reinforcements. At least one central defender and one left back.


Tare was leaving Fiumicino on Wednesday afternoon. He should have gone to London. A meeting with Chelsea hypothesized. In Sarri’s thoughts there is still Emerson, coached at Stamford Bridge, on loan last season at Lyon, still under contract with the Blues. The Brazilian native is 27 years old and the contract expires in 2024. There are favorable conditions to bring him back to Italy, he has not been redeemed by the French club, he will return to London for the preseason, but he would like to leave. You have to understand the evaluation. Another Chelsea name has received attention from Sarri. This is Ruben Loftus-Cheek, a 26-year-old English midfielder, very close to Mau who launched him in 2018/19. He has a high rating, he was considered a possible target in the case of Milinkovic’s departure. Speaking of the Serbian jewel, there are no decisive news, but his agent is pursuing the goal of the transfer. Contacts in the Premier League, Arsenal and Newcastle had come forward, there would be two other clubs. Nobody would be willing to raise more than 55-60 million for Sergej, pleasing Lotito. Sarri hopes to be able to hold him back, but it won’t be easy. There is no need to delude oneself. Kezman works to get him away from Lazio.

Lazio, the top 10 of the most used players by Sarri

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Lazio, the top 10 of the most used players by Sarri

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