Calciomercato Lazio, Romagnoli gets closer: the relaunch of Lotito

ROME Lotito, technicality specialist, yesterday collected the first round of the anti-liquidity index appeal (eligible for registration) presented by the Lega di A against the FIGC, it was his new battle. Waiting for the counter-moves of the Federation, to date the president does not have to put money to enroll Lazio in the championship, but the liquidity index linked to the market remains to be unlocked. The same amount is needed as before, but for a different reason: to register new players. After a Covisoc check up it would have emerged that the money needed to be paid for registration was two million, the figure rebounded from journalistic rumors. In reality they would be about 3 million and not the 5 assumed in recent weeks. There is no deadline to pay the amount and unlock the market, the sooner it will be done and the sooner purchases can be closed. Last year Lotito paid 3.9 million in August, this year Sarri has different urgencies, the championship will start earlier and the team is partly dismembered. Lotito could also decide to sell and then buy, but in this case he would be forced to buy within the limits of the closed sale.

The distance

The president, a specialist in the market, always moved yesterday to try to close the deal Romagnoli. There is a need to hit at least one shot in defense and the negotiations for the Milan defender have restarted, expiring on June 30th. The distance of about 500 thousand euros has narrowed, Lotito’s latest proposal is 2.7 million plus bonuses for a request of 3. There are strong telephone contacts with the managers of the plant. Work is being done on the engagement and on the commissions to be recognized, Romagnoli’s agents have always ensured that they will never be an obstacle. They must always be fixed. Romagnoli, in an exhausting wait, has never stopped hoping for Lazio. He took advantage of the impasse to understand if Milan would have moved in extremis. He refused the courtship of Monza and Fiorentina. He continued to wait for the relaunch of Lazio. Maybe we are, even if not all of them guarantee closure in a short time. The contacts will continue, it is already a long time since the negotiation has restarted.


Sarri and all of Lazio are waiting for news from Carnesecchi. Yesterday another consultation with Professor Porcellini in Modena was scheduled, he works in the center of high specialization of the upper limb. It is not yet clear whether or not he will have to operate on his dislocated left shoulder during a workout with the under 21, there is also the possibility that he will opt for a conservative therapy (with muscle strengthening). Carnesecchi has made several visits, Lazio is willing to buy it anyway, waiting for it even two to three months. Lotito wants to ask Percassi for a discount, he estimated the goalkeeper about 15 million. The offer was 10. We are discussing a loan with an obligation to repurchase, fixed to a certain number of people and with a percentage of future resale (20%). THE CALCULATIONS. Sarri needs a goalkeeper (and a new second if there is no trust in Reina) and two central stations are needed. Wait to know the result of the relaunch for Romagnoli, he has obtained the confirmation of Patricwill have in pink Radu (one year renewal to be filed) e Kamenovic (using it as vice on the center left). Casale del Verona asked, Chust of Real Madrid is on the list. We talk about Ferrari of Sassuolo. It ticked Pablo Mari Villar, former Udinese, owned by Arsenal, is 28 years old. There are foreign tracks: from Diop Aston Villa a Dendoncker of Wolverhampton (adaptable behind, more usable in midfield). Sarri expects four shots within the retreat. One is Marcos Antonio, the play expected for visits on June 20 (yesterday he turned 22). In the race, he will need an extra left-back. He had asked Emerson of Chelsea or Parisi of Empoli. Lazio, without the sale of Milinkovicis willing to take a young winger if he leaves Hysaj. It ticked Birindelli del Pisa, 22 years old.

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