Calciomercato Lazio Primavera, Rocchi awaits Lotito

ROME Rocchi is in Coverciano for the Master. Wait for the call from Lazio. Lotito has promised him the bench of the Primavera, he will return to Rome over the weekend and they could see each other shortly, perhaps between Saturday and Sunday or the following weekend. The schedule, after the lack of promotion and two relegations in three years, has not yet started. It is a very hot topic in Formello and also belongs to the sentiment of the Biancoceleste people. Such negative management of the top team of the nursery, in the form of results and above all of products for the first team, had never been seen. Spring is under the direction of Tare. Bianchessi, head of the nursery, was confident in an extension of his mandate. It is due to expire in 2023, exactly like the Albanian diesse. He may not continue with Lazio Women, who have just been relegated. The indiscretions of an involvement of Angelo Fabiani, Lotito’s reference man in Salerno, for the outgoing market, for the Primavera or for Lazio Women have been chased. The former diesse of Salernitana has made it known that he could only be involved with a role of high responsibility related to Serie A. He will not do anything with it. Everything changes in words every year. In Formello, however, no leaves move.

The wait

Lotito’s Leopardian gait usually leads to keeping all the most trusted collaborators together. Otherwise, those who resign will leave and since 2008 only two have left, first Walter Sabatini and then Angelo Peruzzi, the former club manager still not replaced. Sarri was confident in an entrance next to him, after having signed the three-year contract that will link him to Lazio until 2025, but the silence has become deafening in the last twenty days.


There is not only the bench to be assigned. Primavera must be rebuilt. Wrong investments, missed trades. Giacomo Moretti, goalkeeper born in 2003, has not received offers and has released himself: he will go away on a free transfer despite the fact that in the last season he was employed more than Furlanetto (16 appearances against 8) who started as a starter. Romano Floriani Mussolini (deadline 2024) and Simone Castigliani (2023) have not yet been called. They are waiting for the renewal, but the idea of ​​leaving and going on loan is taking shape, obviously if accompanied by the Biancoceleste club. The prospect of a retirement in Auronzo to not find space in Serie A and play a less competitive league like Primavera 2 is not tempting. It is the dilemma of many young people, throttled by the lack of space and by foreigners who rage not only in the first team. Just go and see the balance sheet to see how many extras were signed in the Spring and how much they cost. Then Calori promoted Valerio Crespi, 15 goals in 23 appearances, striker class 2004. Bianchessi had caught him in Savio. There is no need to go too far to search.

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