Calciomercato Lazio: Pedrinho, Santos' baby left back, appears

ROME – Top secret mission. The diesse Tare he left yesterday, he would be abroad. For two days in Turkey they have announced his landing to meet the leaders of the Galatasarayagain on the trail of Muriqi. No confirmations have arrived. According to local media not always reliable, the Turks would offer 13 million for the attacker. These figures would close in an amen. Mallorca offered less than 10 million to redeem him, Lazio asked for 11. There is no certainty about the destination of Tare, who is used to moving in the shadows. Instead, according to the Brazilian media, there is certainty about a name given in orbit Lazio. His name is Pedro Henrique Cunha Scaramussaknown as Pedrinhois 19, has not yet debuted with the Santos, a company that holds the card until December 31, 2022. Pedrinho has been in Italy since the beginning of June, is completing the paperwork to acquire an Italian passport. He who knows that Tare, in his rounds, has not also met his managers. Lazio would have offered the defender a three-year term, he is a left-back with offensive characteristics. Pedrinho, being expiring, can sign pre-contracts after June 30th. The Biancocelesti’s proposal would have favorably hit the player’s staff. Pedrinho plays with Santos under 20, dreams of jumping to Italy, without even going to the first team. He has had various requests, he is evaluating them. With the Lazio on pole. He will turn 20 on June 24th. In April, his managers had met Santos to renew, there was no agreement.

The other tracks

On the left a baby purchase was announced, who knows if you meant Pedrinho, still to be weaned. Sarri, however, asked for a ready full-back, of international caliber like Emerson Chelsea or a national talent like Parisi of Empoli. Without the sale of Milinkovic, with a tight budget, Lazio would be willing to buy a young player to be placed behind Marusic, now considered left winger. There is also pink Kamenovic, for the technician it is a central. Having won the first round of the FIGC-Lega dispute over the liquidity index eligible for registration, Lotito must now concentrate on the market and guarantee Mau the first blows in view of the withdrawal. And to buy he still has to pay around 3 million, there is still a market blockade linked to the index. The only purchase so far is Marcos Antonio, will arrive in Rome on June 20, is the play that will take the place of Leiva. He expects to understand what will happen with Carnesecchi, two power stations are needed. The relaunch for Romagnoli, from 2.7 million plus bonuses, has not yet led to a yes from the central. Monza, news relaunched yesterday, would offer him 3 million net, a record for a newly promoted player. But Romagnoli wait for Lazio. Lotito is always in contact with Setti for Farmhouse. Watch out for Ferrari of Sassuolo. It is on stand-by Chust of Real Madrid, 22-year-old central.

Calciomercato, the goals of the seven big Serie A teams

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Calciomercato, the goals of the seven big Serie A teams

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