Calciomercato Lazio, Carnesecchi is expected

ROME – The nightmare operation she tried to exorcise him as long as she could, then she decided. Marco Carnesecchi will be operated on today at Bologna by prof. Porcellini, one of the leading experts in the upper limbs (the pilot Dovizioso worked in the past). The tour of consult it lasted days, it ended on Monday afternoon. There was the possibility that the goalkeeper did not operate to shorten the time, that he opted for conservative therapy. Carnesecchi yesterday communicated his choicewill undergo intervention surgery to resolve the dislocation in his left shoulder that knocked him out a week ago, during a training session with the under 21 team. He will turn 22 on July 1, the future had opened the doors to Serie A for him after his promotion with the team. Cremonese. “I’ll come back stronger than before,” he had confessed after the stop. Fate was cruel. Who knows how much he cursed Sarrialways against dilated and compressed calendars.

Recovery times

Carnesecchiindicatively, it risks staying still 3-4 months, not just 2-3. More will be known after the surgery. There Lazioalways in contact with the manager, he waited for the goalkeeper’s decision, now he is waiting to know the prognosis, the program rehabilitationthe return times will be clearer in the next few hours. Sarri he had chosen Carnesecchi and in recent days he had asked Lotito to buy it anyway. A reasoning, in the light of the 3-4 months assumed to stop, perhaps it will be done. Buying a goalkeeper, who must be the owner, and not being able to field him until September-October is a gamble. So far Lazio has never pulled back. Taking advantage of the stop, deciding to continue with the negotiation, Lotito could ask Percassi for a discount. The doorman it was valued at 15 million, the offer was 10 on a fixed basis. There are those who think that Atalanta can now drop to 12 million. But the solution that we would be working on is the loan with the obligation to redeem, perhaps tying it to attendance. It is possible that inagreementwhatever it was, a percentage (20%) linked to a possible one is entered resale future of the goalkeeper, obviously in favor of Atalanta.

Possible scenarios

The point will be made after theoperation, in the meantime Lazio keeps other channels open. A track always leads to Vicario dell’Empoli, redeemed for 8 million from Cagliari. Corsi asks 10-12 to sell it, he wants to make money, he hasn’t redeemed it to keep it. On Vicario there is Fiorentina. The others nominations I am ester. He had lost altitude Sergio Rico, loaned to Mallorca, owned by PSG. Jorge Mendes proposed Luis Maximiano, 23, Granada’s number one. He was relegated to the Spanish Serie B, but he distinguished himself as a good goalkeeper. Sarri is not convinced of both. He had checked the name of Dominik Livakovic, 27, Dinamo Zagreb goalkeeper. Mau had discarded Cragno of Cagliari and Gollini of Atalanta, returns from the loan to Tottenham.

The second goalkeeper

Aim on Carnesecchitaking it despite the operation and the prolonged stop, would mean having to restart with Reina owner, after another disappointing season and the rejection of mid-year. Pepe will turn 40 on August 31, he renewed only because there was an option in the contract expiring in June. He will retire at the end of the year, he said so. The option was automatically triggered with qualification in the Europa League. There is another option, on which there would be some reflections: the purchase of a new second goalkeeper would keep the place warm in Carnesecchi. Difficult that Lotito promote a similar operation. Reina earns 1.7 million, that’s too much for a second, let alone a third. As a new second the name of Sirigu had appeared, in word with Napoli. In pink, in Formello, there is Adamonis, 25, Lithuanian. He is considered growing, but Sarri does not consider him ready. Federico Marchetti, 39, would return from third place, he dreams of finishing in the Biancoceleste. But it is not yet known who will be the first. Giving up on Carnesecchi is not easy.

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