Calciomercato Lazio, Carnesecchi and Provedel: Sarri wants two

ROME Carnesecchi remains in Lazio’s thoughts, but the news is different. Sarri asked Lotito for two goalkeepers, one is not enough for him, especially if he were satisfied by hitting the purchase of the Under 21 goalkeeper owned by Atalanta, who had just operated on his left shoulder. He is expected to stop for four months and the coach has no intention of starting with Reina the owner, plus Adamonis and Furlanetto, the other two goalkeepers under contract in Formello. Pepe, 40 years old in August, will remain as deputy until November, when the championship stops for the World Cup in Qatar, and third in the second half of the season, when Lazio is convinced they can launch Carnesecchi. That’s why another reliable goalkeeper will be needed and Sarri has invited Lotito to invest in the role.


Obviously the scenario holds up if Lazio manage to find an agreement with Atalanta, determined to keep a high price for Carnesecchi, who has returned from the loan to the Cremonese. In Bergamo it would be closed by Musso and the situation in a year who knows if he will change. Atalanta does not want to sell him on a definite basis: they believe that the Argentine, already boiling and convinced that he can end up in a top club sooner or later, could leave in 2023. So Gasperini and his managers would only give Carnesecchi on loan. A decision has not been made. Then came the injury and Lazio, reaffirming the choice and the trust in the goalkeeper born in Rimini in 2000, thinks the price of the card could go down. Or perhaps we could begin to think in terms of the loan with redemption. An extra protection to evaluate, after the summer and such a delicate intervention, the actual competitive resumption. The Biancoceleste company is willing to set a ransom of 8-9 million for Carnesecchi, but we are still very far from an agreement with Atalanta. The point in favor of Lotito is the availability of Marco, ready to marry Lazio.


William Vicar, just redeemed from Empoli for 8 million, is Sarri’s number two goal. Corsi sells it at a higher price, otherwise he would not earn it: he asks for 12, he is ready to keep it again next year. Vicario was also compared to Fiorentina and (in a more nuanced way) to Napoli. The Viola would be the main competitors of Lazio, which is now trying to tighten the time for Carnesecchi and guarantee itself a good alternative.

Provedel is back

From mid-August to mid-November, a good slice of the championship and the Europa League group will be played. Reina alone cannot be enough, for which the automatic renewal of the contract has been triggered. Last year of his career and then he will study to become a coach, a decision already made. For Sarri he can be a very valid dressing room man and a deputy, no more. Carnesecchi operated means to take another goalkeeper and Lazio will return to the office for Ivan Provedel, 28, number one of Spezia. It is not true he has just signed the renewal: he had an extension clause (similar to Reina for Europe) in case of salvation. There is only one year left until the 2023 deadline, you can take it with 2 or 3 million right away. Everything depends on how much Carnesecchi will cost. It must be a figure lower than the Vicar’s evaluation, otherwise it would not be convenient. There is another option and it leads to Ionut Radu, out of Inter. He is only 25 years old and is asking for ownership. Empoli and Cremonese are looking for him on loan. Federico proposed himself Marchetti, 39 years old, beloved character. He would be a double of Reina. For the record, Thomas Strakosha with his agent was in London in early June. He had been linked to Fulham, but has not yet found a new club.

Lazio, the market moves: who stays and who goes away

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Lazio, the market moves: who stays and who goes away

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