Cagliarimania: il curioso caso di Nahitan Nandez. L’uruguaiano crocevia di una stagione fallimentare. Ora è tempo di preparare le valigie

9 August 2019, the Cagliari places what everyone calls a market hit. In Sardinia he lands directly from Boca Juniors Nahitan Nandez, external midfielder already in the national team and coveted by many clubs. 18 million Euros, this is the amount paid out by Tommaso Giulini for what will become the most expensive purchase in the history of the rossoblù club.

38 appearances, 2 goals and 4 assists the spoils of the first season in Sardinia but above all an ownership found immediately thanks to his race, his “garra” and his desire to never give up until the final triple whistle. Features that after just one season have jumped him into the spotlight of the market, so as to immediately attract the attention of Inter and Napoli, withdrawn from the race for the card only because of the high price of the player. The 2020/21 season was the confirmation with 35 appearances, 2 goals and 3 assists. The season that confirmed that Nandez really deserved the so-called category jump.

In the end, the Uruguayan midfielder did not leave the island in the second summer session, however, giving way to the season of his involution, confirming the annual failure of the entire team. Cagliari had decided to keep Nandez and put him at the center of the project, in short, he should have been one of the real drivers, the soul of the team. Everything seemed to be going well, except of course the ranking, until December, before the fateful “Nandezian” crossroads. Cagliari is at the bottom of the abyss and cannot get out of it, and Nandez is the victim first of a muscle problem and then of the covid. January arrives, the Sardinians call Mazzarri on the bench, there will be the month of recovery (with a lot of fourth from last place) but…. not even a shadow of Nahitan. Injury to the medial collateral of the right knee. This reads the medical bulletin.

In the meantime though the first doubts arise among the rossoblù fans. Nandez has been out since December, just since an arrest warrant appeared on him in Uruguay for problems with his ex-wife. In all this, the player was already in Italy and therefore “safe”, also because then between covid and injury he could not even be called to the national team. Days go by and medical bulletins get worse. Season over. Here, what a vintage. But be careful, because surprisingly the player will be thawed first by Mazzarri and then by Agostini to try to save the team. Guys, how much ran. Was he really that bad? It will always remain a great mystery.

Now relegation to Serie B, ua category in which the player will not take the field. The midfielder is among the first names on the starters’ notebook and the president Tommaso Giulini is only waiting for the right offer. The Sardinian company is asking for around 13 million euros. At the moment the team that is pressing most of all is the Monza of the Galliani-Berlusconi duo but watch out for the competitors. The player would prefer to aim for bigger stages and anxiously awaits the decisive assault of Napoli, which, after having tried for two summers, could strike the decisive blow (and therefore to the downside) in the year of relegation. Turin, Milan (who puts Lazetic on the plate) and Juventus are more secluded. On him there are also Boca, who would gladly bring him “home”, and the Mexicans of Cruz Azul, Pumas and America. Nandez, however, would prefer to stay in Italy, or at least in Europe.

Soon yes will conclude Nandez’s Cagliari career with remorse of a player who could have given so much both from a football point of view (saving the team in time of need) and from an economic point of view and instead, after two great seasons, everything will slowly vanish into thin air.

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