Bust puts Katerina Zakchaiou at the center

BUSTO ARSIZIO (VARESE) –Big shot of UYBA Volley that brings central Katerina Zakchaiou, 24 years old on July 26, 192cm, arriving from Vero Volley Monza to Busto Arsizio.

If it is true that in the last season the powerful Cypriot athlete did not find great space, it should be emphasized what Katerina did in her first year in Italy with the Cuneo shirt: in 2020/21 Zakchaiou was in fact the best central to the entire A1 series, both as points scored (296 in 24 games), and as walls (0.87 per set). As for several athletes of the new red and white roster, therefore the element “revenge, desire for redemption” could be the spark to light the new fire.

At the e-work arena Katerina Zakchaiou will meet Alice Degradi and Giorgia Zannoni, teammates in Cuneo two seasons ago.


He grew up in Apoll? N Limassol in Cyprus, winning the national titles of the youth categories in which he participates, making his debut in A ‘kat? Goria, the top Cypriot championship, in the 2013-14 season, winning the title of national champion for three consecutive years, the Cyprus Cup and the Super Cup. His performances convince the Greek team of Pannaxiakos to sign him for the 2016-17 season; in the following three seasons she wore the Olympiakos jersey during which she won three Volley Leagues, two National Cups and the 2017-18 Challenge Cup. In 2020, her transfer to Italy and now her new adventure with UYBA.


«I am very happy to be a new butterfly: UYBA is one of the best teams in Italy and every year it competes for the top positions: I am truly grateful to be part of this team. I am very happy to meet Alice and Giorgia: in Cuneo we had a great friendship on and off the pitch: it was my first season in Italy and they had helped me a lot in everything. The Italian one is the best championship in the world, my goal and my dream was to be part of it. The season in Cuneo was fantastic for me, the club gave me the opportunity to show my potential. As a professional athlete things don’t always go as we would like to plan and this was the case last year in Monza, but this was just another experience for me. Now I am even more motivated to improve, work hard and I know I am in the right place. UYBA 22/23 will be a team full of energy: what I have been able to see from Busto Arsizio in the last two years are well-organized players who are really ready to fight for every ball: this year I’m sure we will have the same attitude. Also I see that UYBA has a great atmosphere, it’s like family and that’s really important to me. Personally I am a girl who never gives up and I am sure that I will give 100% to improve myself and to help my teammates and the team in general ».

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