Regno Unito, l'accordo sulla Brexit fa ancora discutere: l'Irlanda del Nord resta nel mercato europeo?
According to the latest rumors, The British government led by Boris Johnson will propose a new law on the commercial status of Northern Ireland next Monday. Indeed, when the grueling Brexit deal was reached in 2016, a key piece of the puzzle was the so-called Northern Ireland Protocol. This expects Northern Ireland to remain in the European common market and customs union and therefore to continue to be part of the European trading area.

The reason? Avoid border issues with Ireland, such as those that occurred after World War II and then resolved with the Good Friday peace accords. So why is the UK taking this risk? According to Foreign Minister Liz Truss, the Protocol has caused problems that were not foreseen at the time of the agreement, so it is necessary to modify it to free UK manufactured products from “unnecessary red tape” and regulatory barriers. The main objective is to have the power to decide on fiscal and spending policies across the UK and thus propose ‘green’ and ‘red’ lanes for goods traveling between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The problem is that the creation of such “green” lanes would not only violate the 2016 agreementsallowing the entry into the common European market of goods that do not meet the European Union standards from a qualitative and health point of view – but would compete unfairly with the countries of the Union as certain products would be sold at bargain prices. The British government has, in fact, clearly admitted its willingness to lower the standards on its labor laws, with the consequence of bringing subsidized goods to Ireland at derisory prices.

And the European Union? How did he react? Maros Sefcovic, vice president of the European Commission and chief Brexit negotiator for the Union, said
explicitly that this bill damages the trust necessary for cooperation between the United Kingdom and the European Union.
Reaching the lowest point of one’s relationship in this period of serious international crisis could open even darker scenarios in Europe. In the meantime – and waiting to see if the law has the numbers to be approved in Parliament – discontent and unease is spreading for people living in Northern Ireland. Despite the UK government’s promises, it appears that there are numerous food supply problems due to delays in logistics systems. An atmosphere that certainly does not help to find a solution with calm and serenity.

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