Bove, the future is in Rome: it will grow with Mourinho

ROME – Between factories and film sets, creativity and work culture have been at home at Appio Latino for at least a century. Twenty years ago the young Edoardo was born here Bove, who is building a career on these characteristics (imagination and sense of sacrifice). And always here, playing in Almas, the neighborhood team, Lorenzo grew up Pilgrimsthe boy who comes from Cinecittà and who inherited the sash from Totti And de Rossi. In short, this land smells of Romanism and is good for those who support the Giallorossi. Bove, on the other hand, took his first football steps in the Boreale Don Orione (Northern Rome): Bruno Conti found him – needless to say -, who only needed to see him once to bring him to Trigoria. It was the dawn of the 2012-13 season and from that day Edoardo’s race has never stopped. To the point that after a transitional year, the first among the greats, Roma do not intend to deprive themselves of his talent, not even on loan. According to club officials, Bove’s growth can continue within the boundaries of the GRA.


The class of 2002 this year could have played in the Primavera as an over-the-counter (as did captain Tripi, for example), but Mourinho has decided to promote him to the first team. A similar fate befell Nicola Zalewski and, after the jump between the professionals, at the end of December both renewed their contract until 2025. Bove’s last satisfaction dates back to three days ago: the midfielder played the first started as a starter with the Under 21 national team against Sweden (1-1 the final), acting in a 3-5-2 similar to that of Roma. Bove, in reality, would be the captain of Bollini’s Under 20 team, but Nicolato wanted him with him in the higher category. A couple of calls without official appearances, half an hour on the pitch on 6 June in Luxembourg and the chance to play from the start the match that could have given the Azzurri the pass for the final phase of the European Championship (now they will look for him on Tuesday in Ascoli against Ireland): it all happened quickly, but it really seems the most obvious path for a guy who is also followed with interest by coach Mancini and known for his seriousness off the pitch; In fact, Bove studied Economics and Management at Luiss, with excellent results.

Mourinho's new Rome for next season

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Mourinho’s new Rome for next season


The market, on the other hand, is not a topic on the agenda for the young Bove. Which in Mou’s group is great: the break-in in the Tirana press room with champagne, for example, was suggested by him. Tiago Pinto would have already rejected several proposals last summer (he could enter the Shomurodov affair with Genoa) and in January (in Serie B and Serie A). And he will continue to say “no” in the coming weeks as well. The 13 appearances and the goal (the decisive 2-2 against Verona 5 ‘from the end) of 2021-22 can become a springboard for a strong Romanist 2022-23, in which Bove will enter in an even more stable way in the rotations of the midfield, progressing in the groove dug by his friend and idol Pellegrini. The Special One trusts Edoardo.

Rome, Mourinho dreams and studies the Bale shot

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Rome, Mourinho dreams and studies the Bale shot

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