Bonucci and Belotti, the background after the Grand Final against Argentina

SENT TO CESENABonucci and Belottias he revealed Mancinithey could have left the retreat of the National after Wembley final with Argentina: he had been granted permission to return by the coach. They gave up and stayed. Sense of belonging, blue spirit. The captain of the Juve and the Rooster (at the end credits with Turin) today will enter the list of 23 taking place on the bench. After the engagement with theHungary, they will be released by the coach and will be able to go home. They spent a lot during the season, space will be given to young people and new entries in the last two games with England (Saturday 11) e Germany (Tuesday 14). The group will be skimmed and reduced to about 28-30 players, other senators will leave, perhaps Florenzi and Barella. It will depend on the general condition of the blues. Unripe will remain, guaranteeing a left foot alternative to the defensive department.

Nations League, Italy-Hungary: the probable formation of Mancini

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Nations League, Italy-Hungary: the probable formation of Mancini

Italy, Bonucci can reach Chiellini and De Rossi

Bonucci tonight at Manuzzi can reach the goal of 117 appearances in Nationalreaching his old friend Chiellini And Daniele De Rossi. Another curiosity: from 2014 World Cup onwards, there have not been two consecutive games of the National (in the same blue window) in which he did not play as a starter. Mancini left him in the stands at the Dall’Ara on the occasion of the confrontation with Germany and this time he will take him to the bench, aiming from the first minute on Gianluca Mancini come on Sticksthe same couple used at the end of March in the playoff with the Fruit salad. The Romanist has not yet been used. The Inter central was spent 90 minutes with Germany.

Pellegrini, goal with Italy's '10' but not enough: 1-1 with Germany

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Pellegrini, goal with Italy’s ’10’ but not enough: 1-1 with Germany

Italy-Hungary, Donnarumma captain

There National has set its headquarters in Cesenatico. Donnarumma yesterday he worked separately, avoiding the match, but he is convinced that he is there and also in his case the attachment to the blue jersey can be evoked. The pain won’t stop him. The dislocation of the fifth finger of his left hand did not push him to mark a visit and neither did he postpone his return to the next round with England, Saturday in Wolverhampton. If al From the Arafor the first time, he had worn the number 1 shirt, tonight at Manuzzi will make his debut as captain. The degrees will touch him for length of service and the highest number of presences among the eleven holders: 44 at 23 years are not few. It is the blue exception.


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Mancini: “Donnarumma remains the best goalkeeper in Europe for me”

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