Bologna, Sartori: 'Il Bologna un segno del destino. Arnautovic? Non è in vendita. Club pronto per la svolta'

The Bologna presented today Giovanni Sartori, new technical director of the rossoblu club, in Press conference flanked by the president Joey Saputo.

SARTOR WORDSI – “Hello everyone. There is a strong feeling inside me in starting this new adventure. I know I was chosen by a club that belongs to the history of Italian football. A long history of champions, championships, is a great pride for me. Thanks to Saputo and Fenucci for the start of this cycle, it is a gesture of great trust towards me. I will try to repay this trust with daily work. I do not know other ways. When the call from Bologna arrived I saw it as a sign of destiny. Bologna was my dad’s team, he always took me to Milan to see Pascutti’s great Bologna, the last Rossoblu Scudetto. I feel great enthusiasm and a great desire to live up to the expectations. The president wants to make a change, he has charged me with a great responsibility, I have taken it as a source of stimulus and pride. I face this new adventure as a starting point towards a future yet to be discovered. I hope it will be beautiful. com and past experiences. I hope to be up to the goals that Bologna deserves. “

THE ROSE – “The team is a good team, we have to improve the structure of the team, to get to the position that Bologna deserves. You can’t know how long it will take for the times. I don’t know if the president will wait two years, but it takes a while. ‘of time, but the team’s base is excellent “.

ARNAUTOVIC – “He is not only untouchable in Sartori’s Bologna but also in Mihajlovic. He is not on the market but you can never know”.

RAISE INVESTMENTS – “It is not so simple as there is a path to follow, we need to find functional players and restart with Sinisa for a more important championship”.

ITALIAN CUP FINAL – “It could be attainable, also thanks to the favorable combinations you can reach the final, with a little skill and luck you can reach the final, why not”.

ABOUT MIHAJLOVIC AND THE YOUTH SECTOR – “Sinisa’s choice was collegial. We all agreed. Contacts with the coach are daily by video call, every day at 12 and 19. We are discussing many things, from retirement to building the team. module we will get there slowly. We are there every day in Casteldebole every day. Here maybe I will change my habits maybe, I will run less and stay more, especially at the beginning, I will stay every day. On the youth sector: we are in the final with different teams , it’s a good result. Along the way we will see what to watch “.

TEAM READY IMMEDIATELY – “All the coaches would like the team to be in retirement, but there are the national teams who will arrive maybe slightly later, so the team will not be ready for a certain period”

TRANSFERS AND PURCHASES – “It depends on the market, on the requests. The market in case it was blocked and it would not depend on us but we will see the exits, they also depend on the renewals, which is a global problem due to the will of the players, one of the thorniest issues (engraved by Fenucci, ed.). Arnautovic cannot be transferred for me and for everyone, he is a single player too important, his transfer would be unacceptable today. “

MARKET BASED ON SALES – “Yes, it will depend on the transfers, of course, the team is so solid we will see.”

REASONS WHY YOU ACCEPTED – “I think we can do a good job, correct, I hope so. I have great enthusiasm for this new adventure, I haven’t thought about it for a moment”.

EXPECTATIONS – “The expectations are high, I hope not very high, but I am ready to work with my experience”.

GASPERINI – “On Gasperini I cannot answer, the way of working is always the one with adjustments, they are not exactly the same as 29 years ago, always live but with the support of technologies”.

Joey Saputo, president of Bologna, also took the floor.

WORDS KNOWN – “Hello everyone. I have chosen Sartori as an improvement from a technical and sporting point of view. I am sure that with the work of Giovanni, Marco, Claudio and Sinisa we will do better and better. Sinisa greets you, I leave the floor to Giovanni Sartori”.

MIHAJLOVIC – “With Sinisa we saw that the team had the potential to reach the set goal. The second round was difficult, but the potential was there and I wanted to give Sinisa the opportunity to reach that goal.”

BRANDING – “In Montreal I left the newspaper to others, we noticed that we moved away from the value we had, so I took a step back to move forward. Here the situation is different. The team is longer, we make decisions more deeply, the story here is very important. Every time we make a decision we think about it a lot. Honestly I would not make certain decisions, mistakes are made, but we understand from them and we try not to repeat them “.

DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP WITH SARTORI – “We will work remotely as in the past, I will come about once a month, the line was and is always open. Here I have Claudio Fenucci who works for and with me. For me it will not change. The company cares a lot about its collaborators, Sartori is part of the family “.

WHAT DID NOT WORK WITH BIGON – “With Riccardo it didn’t work out, it was simply time to make changes”.

AMBITIONS CHANGED COMPARED TO 7 YEARS AGO – “In 7 years we have done a lot, it is important for Bologna to be seen as a serious club in Italian football. At a sporting level we have not yet reached the point where we wanted to be and the plan we thought, but in my opinion we can get there, too. last year we could have set the target of 52 points, it was enough to win the last 3 games. In the next three years we can get where we want. Covid has made us lose something in investments, we have lost a little but we can still be in line. We are in favor of self-management for this line. “

STADIUM SITUATIONFenucci’s answer -: “We have weekly meetings with the municipality, for requests to be integrated into the final project. The cost of materials has risen and therefore we had to recalibrate the project to restart the procedure. We will give you more information shortly We are in line because the law 147 creates some delays, to date if we think about the current project different from that of 2016 with iter 2018, we still have time “.

BALANCE – “I told Giovanni that I am not a person who is afraid to invest, but at the same time the return on investment is important, therefore a capital gain on a player, or where the team will be in the standings. I need someone who you make sure that the investments have a return. We have seen in Giovanni’s path the ability to have a return on the investments made “.

VOTE TO THE 7 YEARS OF BOLOGNA – “I can’t give a vote, we did well in the past, I hope we can do better in the future”.

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