Bologna, Saputo arrives: sprint on the market

BOLOGNA – He arrives Joey Saputo, Saturday the president will be a Bologna And will meet for the first time in person Giovanni Sartorithe new director rossoblù technician. Great stories also come from a handshake. To tell them, then, you need the players. In fact the first meetingpleasantries and life exchanges aside, will focus on the market budget necessary to set up a competitive Bologna.

Between dreams and a qualitative leap

It will also be that of dreamsthat of the jump of quality? Much will depend on the treasure that Known will decide to entrust Sartori for the 22/23 market, not exactly a detail. Before that, we need to understand the strategy. But this is Saputo’s prerogative, only him. With Riccardo Bigon the directives were clear: use part (or all) of the proceeds from the sales. The crux is here: to understand if with Sartori the rossoblù number one will adopt the same line or if instead he will grant a small or large plus for the purchase of new profiles. Financing Saputo has always disbursed them over the years, but more for the company’s accounts than just for the players.

Sprint Bologna

It is however a real one sprint what awaits the Bologna in the next days. It is always like this when Saputo arrives, the issues faced during the calls and the daily telephone calls with the CEO Claudio Fenucci become facts, operations. It will be so for the budget, in fact. But also for the presentation of Sartori. It is in agenda for next week (probably Tuesday), but it is still unclear whether Saputo will also attend the press conference. This would allow a comparison with the press, a way to take stock of the situation on all Bologna issues. Certainly, the next few days will be important from a formal point of view but also to understand the rossoblù strategies of the months to come (perhaps the years).

The changes

For sure for the championship which will come, important from a technical point of view after the turnover in terms of the market given the farewell of Bigon and the arrival of Sartori. The man of miracles at Chievo and the unbelievable at Atalanta had already said he wanted to bring “my working method to Bologna”. There citynow, wait to understand what the method consists of, and above all what it will lead to in terms of ranking and, why not, talent on the pitch.


Why al bottom of everything there is the question of how to match: Sartori’s work with the available budget. This is also no small detail. Meanwhile, the Bologna prepares to enter the heart of next season.

Pinzolo horizon

L’horizon of the withdrawal of Pinzolo it’s not that far. The first friendly match is being defined, that of 10 July, which will be against Castiglione, a team of Lombard Excellence who saved themselves after winning the play-outs. Work is still underway for the second friendly match (and there is the possibility of a third match still to be studied). Always at work for the tour in Holland, where Bologna (probably from 22 July) will go to face the challenges with AZ and Twente. The month or so before the start of the retreat, however, will be used by Sartori to physically buy players to strengthen the squad. And of course, purchases are only one aspect, the other side of the coin is sales. The one of Hickey is underway, but it is not the only one. Decisive sales to have money available to go to new profiles. Regardless of Saputo’s decisions on the budget-market.

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