Oltre la Germania: la Nations League per Mancini può valere più del Mondiale perso. E De Zerbi intanto...

Mancini was very clear and direct: Italy restarts against Germany, he will not wait for September. Moreover, he cannot: there are 4 games to play in 11 days and with the air that pulls after Wembley the risk is to collect bad figures. If Macedonia had pushed us to hell (let’s think what would have happened with Portugal) Argentina has explained to us that going back will not be easy.

Dismissed Chiellini, greeted Insigne and Jorginho, Emerson and Bernardeschi hopefully forever, Mancini was taken aback by the unjustified forfeit of Lazzari and Zaccagni, but anyway: it happens when the calls in blue are extended prize trips even to 50 players, unthinkable at the time when Mancini himself played (and there were those who criticized Sacchi, counting his debutants in blue, given then read as synonymous with confusion). The hope is to never see them again.

The CalcioMercato.com poll is without appeal: out of over 3500 voting readers, more than 90% said that Leonardo Bonucci should also end his long blue parable here. Against Germany the Juventus captain could start on the bench, turnover since the end of the season, replaced by Acerbi, 34 years old. Already in this way you understand that there is something wrong. Mancini’s fault? Not only. There are no alternatives, in defense but not only. In attack, perhaps the situation is even worse. Is it the fault of the clubs? No, the fault of the players, who are not there. When young people are good they play and impose themselves. This is demonstrated by the abundance in the middle of the field, where the mistake would be to continue to focus on those who failed to qualify for the World Cup.

In men, what Germany will face will be a completely different Italy from the one wrecked against Argentina. The risk is that an almost experimental formation will take another embarked on a stronger opponent – and by now we have understood that many are stronger than us – and that it has many revenge to take against Italy, for which it will certainly have no understanding. of our moment, indeed.

The football association has exposed Mancini to the ugly dialectical figure on the possible repechage: if Ecaudor is ever excluded from Qatar 2022, the best team in the ranking (Italy) will not go in its place, as Mancini said, but one between Chile. and Peru, for reasons of “burdens” between the various continental confederations. Gravina knew it, the coach should have known it too. A trivial forgetfulness or a symptom of alignment no longer as perfect as after the elimination of Palermo?

In the post Macedonia, Mancini only needed one night to decide to continue on the blue path, thanks to the great credit he gained with the European title (and perhaps a wider consensus among the media than among the fans). Gravina had done it even earlier, even declaring on the eve of the match that he would not resign even if he did not qualify. Prophetic. The Nations League, which would normally count for little and certainly much less than a World Cup, can upset everything and mix certainties: twice Germany, plus England and Hungary. In mid-June we will know what will become of our national team: the coach will never resign, but someone could decide for him. And meanwhile De Zerbi is not making any commitments …

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