The Koulibaly doubt and the words of De Laurentiis on the Scudetto

NAPLES Matteo Politano has made himself comfortable, waits for offers, listens to the drafts, wants to find out who is looking for him and if it is convenient, for this or that team, to leave the Naples to pursue new stimuli. “If any offer comes in, it will be evaluated.” Your agent, Mario Giuffrediconfirmed what was already clear: Politano is ready to say goodbye, he played little in the second half of the season, he realized that Napoli – which despite having already Lozano – could give him less space than he hopes to carve out. It will be a hot summer, the purchase of Deulofeu (for which the negotiation proceeds), of another defender (Østigard) and a new goalkeeper if Ospinawho does not respond, decides to decline the invitation of De Laurentiis to stay for another two seasons.

Politano, new stimuli

Only one as a starter in the last six of the league. The alarm bell at the end of the season he convinced Politano to see clearly. His agent, Mario Giuffredi, revealed of a panoramic comparison on the future: «We had an interview with Spalletti, Politano no longer feels the coach’s confidence. If any offers come – his words on Radio Marte – will be taken into consideration. Otherwise you will remain in Naples with the right mind “. Politano is in the window, who wants to ask Napoli, he would like to try Gattuso for its Valencia (who has economic problems that currently represent an obstacle to the desire to Rino), there were polls and exploratory chats with Milan, Lazio and Fiorentinathere is a market that has just begun that will take it anywhere.

Dietrofront Bernardeschi

Napoli renews the bands: in addition to Politano, he could also say hello Ounaswhich is about to expire, does not renew and pleases the Monza; Zerbin and Gaetano they will return from the loans to go into retirement, Spalletti will evaluate them curiously. The outgoings bind the incomes, the ds Giuntoli he moved in advance to replace those who will leave but something has changed. Bernardeschi is no longer the main objective, the dialogue with the entourage has remained firm at the patrol phase, e De Laurentiis he slowed down until he stopped and reviewed the convictions that had prompted him to publicly confess the opening of the deal. At this point, Deulofeu becomes the main target of a full-fledged re-foundation. There is still distance between Naples and Udinese but they have not yet taken the field De Laurentiis and Pozzo. An attempt is being made to reduce the gap between supply and demand, which remains at seven million. The Spaniard wants Naples, he waits patiently. In the list there is also Brekalo.

De Laurentiis: “Bernardeschi?  We talked to each other

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De Laurentiis: “Bernardeschi? We talked to each other “

Naples market, gate and defense

Ospina does not answer, De Laurentiis was waiting for signs, a message, he proposed a two-year period that will not be valid forever. With Meret there has already been talk of renewal, Napoli does not want to lose him, he has another desire: to remain but as a protagonist. He is afraid of experiencing yet another season as a luxury alternative. He feels he is the owner, he wants to do it in Naples, otherwise he will look around, he knows Turin who asked for information. While waiting, in doubt, Sirigu it has been blocked. It would come to zero, it would guarantee experience, used safely. You can dare in defense for the role of central fourth, at least on paper, pending the judgment of the field: Napoli has long ago chosen Østigardwill come from Brightonit will cost just over 4 million.

Juve, Bernardeschi will go away on a free transfer

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Juve, Bernardeschi will go away on a free transfer

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