Benevento, Vigorito ci ripensa: 'Vado avanti, ma mi aspetto l'entusiasmo che ho trovato quando volevo smettere'

Oreste Vigoritothe president of Benevento, remains at the helm of the company after he announced in recent days that he wanted to leave: here are his words at the press conference:

“In the first years of presidency I used to skip meetings with the press and the media because I preferred to speak directly with the people. In this way I drew life blood to carry on my project and my path. moment I want to close my eyes and remember what I saw on television a few days ago. I am proud of the appreciation of the people, they made me a happy man because I saw faces full of joy. As often happens to me when I look at our fans, you I assure me I got excited. It was a bolt from the blue, I would resign every day just to see such a reaction. It has been an apathetic year, it would be dishonest to say the opposite and forget what was the main reason for my I was worried about the lack of interest in the people, I no longer saw the children in the stadium and I realized that most of the fans preferred the seats to the stands. economic discourse, mind you, but of stimuli and motivations. Then there is someone who, by virtue of I don’t know what right of opinion, not only expresses dissent but also issues a sentence asking me to leave. Everyone can have their say, God forbid, but I don’t like witch hunts. The ball is a means to get to the heart of a people who, thanks to football, forget the problems of everyday life for a couple of hours. I didn’t want indifference, fatigue and bad moods to ruin my approach to this wonderful sport. A vulgar message does not erase the joys and pains of an intense journey, made up of sweat and sacrifice “.

NEXT B – “The next Serie B will be very difficult. Top-level teams such as Genoa, Cagliari and Venice are relegated. We will face Parma, a potential battleship. Bari will come from C, perhaps Palermo. Presidents like me, who work alone and take it. money and passion are rare commodities. I feel like a hunter with a rifle shooting at a distance of 100 meters while the birds are at 101. Only together can we rejoice and do something important. Criticism is part of the game, I have never condemned the fan who democratically asks for a confrontation. Maybe they ask me things in the wrong way. The people who have always supported Benevento will always find me at their disposal, it doesn’t matter if there are ten or a thousand. I am in excellent health, I have no desire to retire, I will continue to be president as long as the whole stadium is full and follows the example of that South curve that has never given up or stopped supporting us. I don’t need the stadium to honor ere my brother’s memory, I could spend my free time playing golf or doing a thousand other things. Instead I bought a dream, my enthusiasm is directly proportional to the affection and love of the Giallorossi people. I don’t want to be prayed to, God forbid, but in life you have to give the right value to things. It will be a subscription campaign worthy of everyone’s pockets, we will help those who need help without being asked. We will build a dignified squad, able to give us satisfaction and sweat the shirt from the first to the ninetieth in every match. We will open the doors of training hoping there are not only the curious 6-7, but many people who love the colors of the club “.

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