Benevento, Foggia and Caserta: "Ready to go again"

BENEVENTO “We do not flaunt goals, the president Vigorous spoke of a decent championship. We have one year’s personal and technical knowledge. There is an important player base for the category, we will add elements aiming at a mix of quality young players and experts “ This was stated by the sports director of the BeneventoPasquale Foggiawho spoke at the press conference together with the technician Fabio Caserta. After the president’s turnaround Vigorouswhich confirmed its commitment, it’s time to start again: “It will be the field that will give the final judgment, we will certainly have a decent championship, then we will see where we arrive. We will make the transfer market based on the exits. Lapadula? For us he is an important player, it is useless to hide that there was a case, then we clarified and in fact he returned to the final and from then on he was an important player who scored valuable goals in the playoffs “. On the market Foggia adds that “We will listen to all offers, including those for Lapadula, assuming that it is very important to us. We signed a contract for several years because we want to give continuity to the project and our idea is to continue with this philosophy. We will make available to the coach some players who are functional to the game idea. “. And then Foggia added that “The appreciation of other clubs is nice, but Benevento, as I have always said, is a point of arrival and not of departure. I remember the relegation among the applause, these are things that are worth a lot to me. maybe it’s a mistake, I’ll try to limit it. The restart point will give enthusiasm to a square that deserves something more“.

Caserta: “Restarting for an important season”

Then, word to the technician Fabio Caserta: “There must be determination and a desire to restart, we are aware that we have had an important championship, it could have gone better, we went very close. We had a good season, with all the problems that have been there. There is bitterness, of course, but you have to start from that point, being questioned is part of the coach’s job – he continued Caserta I try to improve day after day together with everyone, it has not been an easy year, but we start again from here aware that we can always do better. We can only make everyone change their minds through daily work. I leave with the desire and the determination to make an important season “concluded Caserta.

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