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The future of basketball in Ravenna is in the hands of the Ravenna people: the fulcrum will be a Foundation, driven by the Unigrà and Sapir companies with the support of the Ravenna nel Cuore Club, created to take over the sporting title from president Roberto Vianello. At the same time, the budget for the sporting season will be further reduced and at this point there will be between 200 and 250 thousand euros to start again, to be found by 17 June, before the presentation of the surety to the FIP.
This, in summary, is the situation of Basketball Ravenna today, described by the director Giorgio Bottaro in a very popular and well-attended press conference.

Thanks to the president Roberto Vianello
“We knew that for personal and age reasons this would be Roberto Vianello’s last year as president and owner of the club – explains Bottaro – A day or a book would not be enough to thank him for what he has done for city basketball with his passion and his investments, a man who came from Venice and who after Piersante Manetti gave Ravenna many years of this high-level sport. Roberto will be a trait d’union with the future, with all the sponsors and friends who have followed him over the years and will continue to have a role in this world, tailored to him according to his availability and needs “.

The city loves basketball, which is a good for everyone, a heritage of the people of Ravenna
“This is the moment in which basketball passes to the Ravenna people, if the Ravenna players manage to defend what is, at this moment, the sport that transmits the most intense vibrations, which has the largest number of practitioners, fans and subscribers, a sector bright and precious youth, with players who have grown up to land in the first team with national awards and prizes. Basketball also has a very high level identification with the territory, with attention to the social fabric and to what happens in the city beyond the basketball events: an example is the recent visit to Itis Nullo Baldini, protagonist of an important project against bullying, with a mutual interest that has given rise to a dialogue between school and basketball that will have new implications in the next school year. We had two wonderful days of celebration, one with the minibasket athletes and their parents at the “Morigia”, as well as the end-of-season evening organized by the fans at the Hera club, with over 200 enthusiastic people. Not to mention the spectators who have followed us in the last month in Faenza, who have also come from nearby cities to follow the events of the team, up to almost two thousand present in game 3 of the playoff semifinal “.

A foundation for the new company and the redefinition of the budget
The new path, also conceived in agreement with the municipal administration, provides for the creation of a Foundation to take over the sporting title from Roberto Vianello. At the head of this new reality there are three subjects already close to the current club: Unigrà, Sapir, the Ravenna nel Cuore Club who deal with finding the resources to be transferred to the new sports club.

“At the same time, the budget for the 2022/23 season must be defined – adds Bottaro, who recalls that last year there was a strong reduction in costs, with a cut of 256 thousand euros compared to the previous season – To make this involvement sustainable of the city, from the single fan to the company that wants to lend a hand, it will be necessary to reduce the budget by an additional 200 thousand euros, setting up a young team and trying to confirm as much as possible the technical staff, which last summer fully married the project, working with great passion and enthusiasm, contributing in a decisive way to achieving this incredible vintage: in nine months we have built and created something incredible, they have been exciting months. Today we have hypothesized different types of teams, with different costs but we still lack between 200 and 250 thousand euros: a serious amount, if it is to be collected by just one, which becomes viable if the interested parties are different “.

Everyone’s involvement is needed to keep this sports and social club alive
“From tomorrow the model of a single owner that we knew up to now will no longer exist – explains Bottaro – From tomorrow there will be sharing. The new constituent company will have widespread ownership with the Foundation behind it. Everyone can lend a hand to the new club, from the individual fan to the company that wants to link its name to this heritage, which is not only sporting but also and above all social, deeply rooted in the territory. It is not a simple operation, times are rather tight but it was time to make it public and we ask everyone for support to spread it.
In Ravenna we have the enthusiasm and the skills to work well and continue the business with seriousness and passion. In a week-ten days we will meet to see where we are ”.

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