Basket Playoff, Olimpia Milano tricolor

Basket Playoff, Olimpia Milano tricolor. With Saturday night’s home success on Virtus Bologna, L’Olimpia Milan won the twenty-ninth championship in its long and successful history. The series with the opponents from Emilia was thrilling, it offered moments of great basketball. On the pitch, formidable protagonists: Melli, Shields And Rodriguez for Milan, while on the other side Hackett, Shengelia And Theodosic they fought to the end. The Milanese won the series 4-2, the apotheosis of Assago Forum has consecrated a team much loved by the city and which has shown a perhaps unparalleled team spirit, in which the great veterans have been fundamental.

Basket Playoff, Olimpia Milano tricolor. The values ​​of the Milanese team

Four years later, Olimpia is enjoying the sweet taste of a Scudetto won against many predictions and at the end of a season full of injuries and various difficulties. Perhaps no one would have bet on it, given the previous season’s matches with Virtus Bologna and the excellent basketball that the coaching team Sergio Scariolo has offered, especially at the end of the regular season and in the playoffs. Nevertheless, the red and white trained by Ettore Messina (fourth scudetto as coach) they posted another on the bulletin board trophythat most desired, wanted, almost coveted. In doing so, they expressed a concept of “squad” which perhaps goes beyond the very meaning of sport to fully embrace that of life in a society. A group of great professionals, certainly, but equipped with human values that we do not always see present on parquet, green rectangles or taraflex, especially in this contemporaneity. The same could be written for the group of Vu-Nere, full of charismatic figures and great players, but the focus of attention must remain on Olimpia not only because they are the winning team. The red and white system exists and exists because it is based on solid value bases, able to compensate for the moments in which talent, psychophysical state of form and positive variables do not seem to be enough. Milan won because it was squad, because he was able to treasure last year in the management of his interpreters and, above all, because he has completely rediscovered his own publicas in the years of “spitting blood” from Petersoniana memory.

Basket Playoff, Olimpia Milano tricolor. The match report 6

The epilogue seems to have already been written in the explosive Milanese start that offers the best basketball of the entire championship series. He scores Olimpia in every way, especially on the counterattack, the son of one defence that leaves no holes. Two blocks of Hines they take away from the virtussini the most dangerous weapon so far: the long ones. So Bologna suffers everything and more by stumbling over his idea of ​​basketball (7 losses). The triples of Rodriguez, Datome and Grant are leg breaker: 20-8, just to like and 29 points scored in the first 10 minutes. Under 13 (16-29) however i champions of Italy they reorganize starting from the defense: Milan ran aground in attack, the only triple of Datome it is too little to be able to live on income, so Bologna returns up to -5, pushed by Alibegovic and Hackett. But the problem of turnovers it is the worm that sends virtussian thoughts into a tailspin. Milan is ruthless in collecting the amnesia of others and with Shields goes to rest at 41-36. However, it is not the slaughter of the first quarter and, all in all, Virtus is back in the game. However, this is an illusion. The desire to write history vibrates above all under the red and white jacket. A splendid Datome, in the third period, he prepares for the knockout blow. There are already 17 points in Gigione, while the ten-meter triple of Rodriguez detonates the Forum and it sounds like the farewell gift as well Chacho which will however remain in the history of Olimpia. Virtus seems to be one step away from throwing the towel: the 10 points in the fourth seem like an early sentence, the Scudetto begins to come loose from the black and white tank tops. The 61-46 of the third siren is the antechamber of Hades for the black Vs that collapse with a crash on the last descent. Milan, again with Rodriguez, reaches +25. Scariolo calls timeout, but his are still dry after 5 minutes. The 10-0 break is pure exaltation for Milan which finds chocolates from everyone. The pathos evaporates leaving room for the party of Proud Warrior. It is the night of the red and white championship.


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