Barella: "Italy? Wearing this shirt is an honor, never a burden"

CESENA“Future of the national team? “There are many guys, like Locatelli, Frattesi or Esposito, who represent the present and the future, not just me and Tonali. I, who are now among the most experienced, try to convey what the coach has transmitted to us over the years”. These are the words of Nicolò Barella on the eve of the challenge of Nations League against theHungary from Marco Rossi scheduled for Tuesday 7 June at 8.45pm at the stadium Dino Manuzzi of Cesena. The Inter midfielder talked about him about the season: “I’m so sorry not to have won the Scudetto and not to go to the World Cup, but it would be too easy if everything went well. Sometimes suffering strengthens you more than victories: since I started I have had many disappointments and many days of joy, but I try to every situation to learn as much as I can “.

Pellegrini, goal with Italy's '10' but not enough: 1-1 with Germany

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Pellegrini, goal with Italy’s ’10’ but not enough: 1-1 with Germany

“Wearing this shirt is an honor, never a burden”

Then about being left with the National: “NI am not among those to whom the coach has given permission to go home and then when you wear this shirt everything takes a back seat, even if you are tired you come and play anyway “. Sui fans: “We can only thank them, they have always filled the stadiums and tomorrow we will try to win for them”. Then on the relevance of Nations Leaguewith matches immediately after the close of the season: “It is not up to me to say if it is exaggerated or if you could do without these races. We are in a period of the year in which a lot has been played and certainly it is a commitment but wearing this shirt is an honor, never a weight. If there is anything to play, I play and so do my teammates. ” Barella then returned to the lack of qualification at the World Cup: “It comes from a group in which we dominated all the games, but there have been episodes that didn’t turn us in favor. But it means that we didn’t deserve to go to the World Cup or it wasn’t our time. North Macedonia, we probably had to win 3 or 4-0. I’m sorry, I don’t know how to give an explanation. We will try to do everything to go to the next one. As for Hungary, I also followed it to the European Championships: it opened a cycle with Mr. Rossi, he is very compact and with our quality we will try to win this match “. Finally on Salvatore Esposito: “He’s a guy who has great quality. He needs to be able to make mistakes, as he did to me, and to have his experiences. But I’m sure that in the future he will be able to give a lot to the national team: he plays a role in which making mistakes can compromise a lot, but he needs to grow and with maturity he will become a very important player for this national team for me. “

Italy-Hungary, Gnonto is looking for a historic goal

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Italy-Hungary, Gnonto is looking for a historic goal

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