Barcelona falls between Juve and Di Maria

TURIN – Eye, Juve, Of Maria runs the risk of escaping. The danger is called Barcelona, who is literally trying to steal Fideo from the Bianconeri. The Blaugrana offensive is underway and seems to have particularly convincing arguments, so much so that the Argentine champion would be tempted by the prospect of returning to Spain, eight years after the end of his experience at Real Madrid, where he played between 2010 and 2014. winning six titles, including a Liga and a Champions League. Now he could return but accepting the court of the bitter rivals of the European champions. For the Lady, the joke is just around the corner, in short, precisely in the week that, in the auspices, should have led to the successful conclusion of the deal.

Juve, medical examinations for Pogba. Blitz for Morata


Barcelona has been heavily involved in the race for Di Maria by exploiting the stand-by situation that has gradually been created between the Argentine and Juve. A stalemate that became evident after the fruitless meeting in London last Wednesday in which the expected steps towards the finish line were not made. Indeed, the parties had left each other remaining on their respective crystallized positions, with the promise of updating in these days to reach the final decision. Between the Lady and the Fideo it was inside or outside, therefore. The problem to be solved is always the same: the duration of the contract. One year, as requested by the player, or two years, the company’s preferred hypothesis. The detail is not secondary because the time horizon of the agreement derives different economic effects for the Juventus club. With the two-year hypothesis, in fact, Juve could exploit the tax benefits of the Growth Decree for those who enter Italy after two years of work abroad. Which is impossible with the agreement for a single season. Another aspect, the engagement. Juve is willing to guarantee Di Maria 7-7.5 million plus bonuses per season in the event of a two-year contract, precisely because of the tax advantages that lighten the impact on the accounts, while, in the case of an annual agreement, the management bianconera has envisaged a salary reduced to 5-6 million plus bonuses in order not to weigh down the budget. In the last few days, Angel hasn’t changed his position: he remains firm on the desire to bind himself to his next club for just one year and then, at the end of next season, end his career at home, at Rosario Central. Juve continued in the reflection and overall evaluation of the goodness of the deal, trusting that the work done so far could still lead to a happy ending.

Di Maria, Juve must wait:

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Di Maria, Juve must wait: “Now I’m going on vacation. Then we’ll see.”


A possibility that still exists, of course, but no longer as obvious as before, with the entry on the scene of Barcelona that exploited the impasse. The Blaugrana club would in fact have already contacted Di Maria’s entourage, also finding a precious side in the Argentine. For the Catalans it would not be a problem to fulfill the player’s requests and guarantee him an annual agreement and also from the point of view of the engagement there would be no constraints to overcome. The situation becomes complicated, therefore, for Juve which has a dangerous competitor to face. The bianconeri felt in a position of strength compared to Benfica, Di Maria’s old club, which had come forward. It is more complicated now to repel Barça’s attack. Meanwhile, Angel follows the story from the national team and, at least publicly, does not expose himself. “I have nothing in mind, for now I am focused on the Seleccion – told TyC Sports –, we’ll see what happens. I’ve been to big clubs before, my family supports me and is ready to follow me everywhere. I’ll try to find a place where they can be happy and me too. At the moment I haven’t decided anything yet“. The only concession is the confirmation of the geographical area where he intends to continue in the short term: “I’m in a good moment and I feel ready to continue having fun in Europe before the World Cup“. With Juve or with Barcelona?

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