Bang ours on the front page: open letter (with apologies) to Gnonto

Expensive Wilfriedwe have to ask you excuse me. Sorry if we slammed you in right away Before page (“Tutti su Gnonto”) after repeating for months – right in this newspaper – that we would be there withheldnot so much to try to moralize the world of football (wasted effort) as to impose on ourselves a new moral. In short, we had promised ourselves to avoid the classic path of creation And destruction of the talent with whom – as you can see – we have not yet stopped dealing: in other words, the overly abused and elementary practice of transforming a young person from a semi-unknown to a phenomenon after the first good things in the league or, as in your case and of Zaniolo, in the national team. From zero to a thousand, you know?

I think they got us there depression generated by the defeat against Argentina and the need to immediately recover a minimum of enthusiasm (stolen from the Switzerland in which you established yourself) by waving a new flag. Even the current scenario of market he put his own into it.

You only have eighteen yearsWil, and to express your skills you had to leave theItalyyou did not lack the courage that others did not have: you deserved the right to grow without “doped” pressures.

They explained to me that you are a boy solid and structured and that the dynamics of professional football you have them in mind. Curiously, right now I’m reading Martin’s autobiography Bengtssonthe sixteen-year-old talent who moved to Inter from Orebro in 2004: he was considered the eighth most promising young man of the moment, but surrendered precisely to pressures of a world where the only value was (is) success to the point of abandoning it forever. I also saw the film about his life shot by Ronnie Sandahl: pleasant yet disarming. I’ll meet on Friday Martin in Capri and I think we will also talk about you and many like you. Gifted kids, born for football, condemned to tame its excesses in order to get there.

You see, Wilas I try to tell you – even a little regret not having done it before, when a dreamer with open eyes he spoke to me about you – I feel like not to lighten but even strengthen that title of “before” by resorting – but it is still used only for misdeeds to – a “body of a thousand bombs”. On the sports page, God willing, it represents only one dream that aspires to fulfillment, and has proof of it. Just find yourself triumphant on YouTube, sung by foreign commentators who with reckless accents accompany you in the most exciting escapes. Pictures, not words. A bachelor’s degree.

And now, come on Wil, but with judgment. Even ours, possibly.

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