Bale, da Madrid al Qatar: il Galles è il suo Real

There are stories that begin with a kiss, others with a declaration of love, a gift. Some, on the other hand, start with 100 million euros. This is the case of the liaison between Gareth Bale and Real Madrid. In football there are golden marriages which often, if there is no complicity between the parties, risk becoming real prisons. As in life.

A DIFFICULT STORY, ZIDANE AND GOLF- A bit like Silvio Pellico, Gareth Bale could also name his years after Real “My prisons”. Of course, comparing the imprisonment of the Italian writer and patriot with a metaphorical football imprisonment is too risky a juxtaposition, especially since the Welsh’s “prison” is covered in gold. The reasons for the failure of this football marriage are the most disparate and all lead to a single epilogue: Bale has played very few games with Blancos and has often been relegated to the bench. His cage. The arrival from Tottenham to Real in 2013 in stellar figures, has helped to raise the expectations of the whole Madrid-based world towards him. Great physical skills, combined with good technique, make Gareth Bale a real protagonist in the Premier League. Different speech in Spain, where perhaps those 100 million have been imprinted forever behind the shirt number 11 he wore. It has never been love between the Welshman and the Spaniards, so much so that everything begins to get much more difficult with the arrival of Zidane on the bench. The two have never had a good feeling despite the many trophies won together, including the Champions League final won against Liverpool and signed by a brace from the Welshman in 2018. Being part of a historic club like Real is certainly an honor. and a great turning point for one’s career, even if the pressures of the media and others are many. You find yourself sharing the field with great champions and champions you have to prove that you are both on the pitch and off the pitch. A difficult atmosphere and very high expectations have relied on Bale, who is a champion, but he is also a human being and when you have everyone’s eyes on him, it may happen that you don’t succeed in the game or that despite giving your best, it is not. never enough. But in football there is no room for time, everything and immediately. From an undisputed talent, Bale becomes the target of the press, he no longer runs, he drags himself and has become a hostage to a company that strongly wanted him and that now does not want to get rid of him. Everything falls even more when Zidane in 2019 leaves him on the bench on the last day of the Liga and then says in front of the microphones: “I would not have let him in even if I had had the fourth change”. Immediate response from the player who declares that he still has another 3 years of contract and that if they really want to send him away they must give him 17 million net per season otherwise he too would have remained alone to play golf. Golf, another great passion of Bale after his national team in Wales, as evidenced by a flag he displayed after beating Hungary and leading him to play for the European Championships in 2020; “Wales, Golf and Real Madrid”. Unequivocal message.

HOME SWEET HOME – In recent months, despite the arrival of Ancelotti, Bale confirms his poor performance so as to deserve the bench again. He now he is a prisoner who is not waiting to be released. And June 30, the expiration date of his contract is now near. Football is this. It takes you a lifetime to get to the top but just a moment is enough to plunge into the abyss. Chasm where Gareth Bale ended up to give up playing the Clasico against Barcelona due to injury, but to respond to the call-up of Wales, also scoring two goals in the world play-off against Austria. All this has earned him the nickname of “parasite”. A sad ending that, however, seems to find no space when the Welshman wears the jersey of his national team, in which he remembers being a footballer and in which he finds himself. The boy from Cardiff will play the World Cup in Qatar, after having contributed to a historic qualification of his. Who knows it could be the sign of a rebirth.

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