Atalanta, come cambia il mercato di Carnesecchi dopo l’operazione

After days of wearying waitingwhich they held with bated breath Atalanta and Lazio, finally the verdict on the most talked-about goalkeeper of the moment has arrived, Marco Carnesecchi. It seemed that the azure that it is no longer had to be operated on dislocated shoulder in training with the Under21 team, just a few days after that white smoke that would have officially made him goalkeeper of Lazio, a huge leap in quality after the experiences at Trapani and Cremonese. For this reason it was difficult to accept, for the Romagna rider who will turn 22 in two weeks, a forced stop of 4 months. Atalanta was also the loser, Why Lotito he never questioned his willingness to close the deal despite the knockout, but immediately asked for a considerable discount: 9 million (compared to the 15 requested by Percassi) with the formula of the onerous loan with the obligation of redemption. A mockery within a mockery for the Bergamo-based company which, in addition to losing a jewel feeding it to a direct competitor without guarantees (will Musso improve or repeat the season of ups and downs?), he would have lost even 5 million PUR knowing that in 2023 Carnesecchi would be back in full operation, with large margins for improvement and capital gains.

RECOVERY TIMES- But in the end the operation could no longer be postponed and so, after a double consultation by Professor Giuseppe Porcellini, at the center of high specialization of the upper limb in Modena, and by Professor Alessandro Castagna, who works in Rome and Milan, the extreme defender of Rimini ended up under the knife to undergo left shoulder arthroscopy for capsuloplasty. The surgery to stabilize the joint, performed by Professor Porcellini (who had also dealt with Vasco Rossi’s shoulder) at the Villa Toniolo clinic in Bologna lasted an hour, and was perfectly successful. the goalkeeper is fine and will now begin rehabilitation, certain to recover 100% of his full motor efficiency. It will take 4 months for a complete recovery, but times could be shortened considerably and in the rosiest prediction Carnesecchi could return to Sarri’s disposal already a mid September.

LAZIO AT THE ATTACK- Already, Sarri, the Biancoceleste coach has revealed himself to be the number 1 fan of the young product of the Atalanta nursery, and wants his number 1 at all costs. The Serie A championship will begin on Saturday 13 August, with the first stop scheduled for the weekend of 24- 25 September, but already for the sixth day, the September 18, Marco Carnesecchi could be back on the pitch. And therefore making the math, with the recovery times shortened, the goalkeeper would only jump five games in the league and a maximum of two in Europe (that of 8 and 15 September). Seven races lost they are too few for Lazio not to conclude the deal they have been craving for weeks: negotiations with Atalanta will resume from today, but they do not want to discount: Percassi will not give up his jewel for less than 14 million.

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