Atalanta, Gasperini: 'Non do le dimissioni, oggi la squadra non è competitiva. Ci sono tre strade...'

“I see three ways: seek limited enhancement, some top players who can immediately raise the team’s value, as when Atalanta took Zapata and it was evident that the team’s value rose, so when Muriel was taken, the president made a crazy blitz with Zapata and Luca Percassi was very convinced of the operation with Muriel. The other way is that of a rejuvenation of the rose arrived a bit all together, if I think of players to be valued today they are Scalvini, Koopmeiners by age, these are the profiles they seek and lead to significant capital gains in which Atalanta has benefited in recent years. The other way is that of fare little nothing and get on with this team. Decisions will have to be made on these three philosophies and they do not concern only the coach, who has his say but there are two ds, president, co-president, and then there are the market opportunities “.

Other than resignation (“Where does this thing come up? Has anyone talked to me? When I ask you for a bit of fairness, the words are too often overturned and overturned, transformed, I even felt that Gasperini wants to change twenty players, can you read my mind? ‘more serious, I accept all criticisms but never speak with my voice, I am not resigning today “), Atalanta coach Gian Piero Gasperini, present on the sidelines of the tennis tournament organized by the Academy of Sport for Solidarity at the Cittadella dello Sport in Bergamo, he spoke concretely about his Atalanta: “If you ask me if this team as it is today is competitive to repeat the results of these years, I hope to be proven wrong but probably not. Technically, for me it is not justified to talk about Scudetto or Champions especially with rich companies that can widen the gap, despite the fact that there have been 12 matches judged by the Var against, then there were some matches that we could have won to be in the Champions League, which were ours. reach, but the team has given everything but in my opinion today for the levels we have beaten in recent years we have difficulties ”.

FAKE NEWS- “I have read these days of crazy things, no one has called a press conference, I am glad you are all here, but what I have read these days is a great misinformation, nI’m not going to do press conferences, but out of education towards the fans who have disappeared for so many months, I have this chat ”.

OUTSIDE EUROPE- “The more the days go on, the clearer it is that the season ended with disappointment on the part of all of us but yesand I look at the season globally, the points records of the first round, the presence in Europe with great honor, a record of away victories, it remains the sixth best championship in the history of Atalanta and only five have been better, I would invite the local press to go slower, to reflect Bergamo and its fans, the one they all paid to the last match against Empoli “.

NEW SEASON- “A summer to be built, the season will start on July 4th, very soon, it will be there the anomaly of three championship matches with the open market, never a pleasant thing but you have to take note, from that point of view it will be a season in great evolution, on the 7th there will be those who play more games with the national team ”.

MOST BEAUTIFUL MOMENT- “The highest moment of the six years that with Psg, but it is not necessarily the most beautiful, this year we won in Turin with Juve after so many years, we won in Naples “.

TARGETS-There will be work to be done with the company, it will first be necessary to define the objectives but it is something he has already been doing for weeks, then afterwards he will start trying to put them into practice, first set the goal then do what you can what you can solve, in the next few weeks we will have to see what can be done “.

CLARITY- “I have not had the opportunity to speak with the new owner, the Percassi family continues their way of leading the team, it is a well-known thing, now there is a program that must be done. I can ask, even if in football it is difficult, as much clarity as possible, we owe it to the people, clarity is fundamental, situations happen during the transfer market, we cannot present ourselves with the objective ‘if we do not go to the Champions League’ then we fail, What Atalanta did was extraordinary but it is difficult to repeat it otherwise it would be normal, it is the first point to be made clear, then everything else comes “.

MARKET- “There is a lot of money around, but really a lot, and we play on a table with a lot of money and there are people willing to make a lot of money to grab the loaf but the indications have always been very clear from the company , I’m sorry that everything is being reduced to the economic aspect, but in this way we become like everyone else, in that mechanism we find it hard to compete with the numbers that are around. When I arrived in the first year, I went to the president’s house Percassi and said to me: “I have a dream, I would like my team to have 7-8 players from the youth sector in the team who grew up in our nursery and people would identify with this team”. I was looking at the Atalanta squad I said I’m there, I have to implement this man’s dream, I was sure to save myself, it’s not a goal, but I didn’t imagine what exploded but it was a strong idea, a goal accurate. If we think only about the Champions League otherwise it is failure, we think like the others, but we are not doing the good of Atalanta. If we put ourselves on the level of the metropolitan teams that have other numbers, we only hurt ourselves ”.

MANY ATALANT- “I made the same climb as the team, I grew up with the team, there were different types of Atalanta, in Genoa I was used to changing and two teams a year here a little less. First young emerging, economic fortune of the company, then revolutionized and within two years of Italians there were only goalkeepers and a couple of players, there has been an evolution, the first year the first 20 ‘we were always ahead, in the last two years we were down, there is talk of many different Atalante ”.

BELLANOVA- “Which of the three paths to take? It depends on the transfer market, it is a team effort, it also depends on the economic availability, I have never entered into transfer market operations, to say we have to take a goalkeeper and a striker, yes, the teams to reinforce and raise the level start from the attack , I say the roles. All the players who arrived all played, no one was pushed aside, about twenty sides, Bellanova did his part and was not redeemed, but the coaches never get into the money, I have always respected the work of scouting, I have not vetoed anyone, nor rejected anyone at the start, hardly those who left here not doing well enough then exploded elsewhere. This is not yet the case with Bellanova ”.

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