At Jesolo Moonlight Half there is rapper Ghemon: I made a bet with Eyob Faniel

WHAT A PARTY – After two years of hiatus due to restrictions from Covid-19, the long awaited Moonlight Party, the great post-race party based on Birra Bavaria, as confirmed by the marketing and communication manager of the Roberta Gambino brand, and lots of good music played by Radio Bellla & Monella and Radio PiterPan. The party will be organized at Parco Grifone, 300 meters after the finish line where the main post-race services are located, such as the final refreshment and changing rooms. The evening will be reserved for athletes and companions.

Along the way, thanks to the collaboration with Confcommercio Ascom San Donà- Jesolo, in the kiosks of the Skipper seafront, Milan, Tamara and Siesta four Music Points will be activated that will animate the passage of the athletes with the playlists of Radio Bellla & Monella and Radio PiterPan.

GHEMON – A competition, therefore, to the rhythm of music that will also applaud the participation of Ghemon one of the most popular Italian hip hop artists of the moment. After the debut on the ‘half’ at the Roma-Ostia last March 6 and subsequently the participation in the Stramilano and the Deejay Ten in Bari on Sunday 29 May, Ghemon is ready to sign the personal on the distance right in Jesolo, which is currently 1h36 ‘. “I chose to close my first year of racing with Jesolo for several reasons: the words of many friends who told me about the beautiful suggestion of running at sunset along the sea and the special encouragement of a friend who is Eyob FanieL. We made a small bet between us, which I will try to honor. “

I RUN LIKE THE WIND – Longing for summer, beach and salt and moonlight, desire to run carefree on one of the most popular coasts in Italy, that of Jesolo, to the rhythm of music, this is what prompted Marco Frattini to bring the “I run like the wind” tour to the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon.

A collaboration, the one with the organizers, born last October on the occasion of the last edition of the Venicemarathon when the Iovedodicorsa bandana was born from the originality of Marco Frattini and the inspiration of Maestro Stefano Nicolao Cosmos in the Venetian Lagoon.

CORRO COME IL VENTO – “Corro come il vento” is the single by Marco Frattini, a song from pressing rhythm, but above all a real and humorous caricature of the running world and of the running enthusiast with the aim of improving their performance at each training session. A mix of lively sounds, with a fresh and sparkling flavor that earned the selection at 35 ° Sanremo Rock & Trend Festival in the section Trend.

WHO IS MARCO FRATTINI – Marco Frattini is suffering from profound bilateral hearing loss, since 2006 he has completely lost his hearing ability. In addition to being a dentist, in the past he was a sound engineer, musician and last year he returned, after a long period of artistic inactivity, to one of his first loves, the music that he combined with his love for running. Deaf Marco found a great friend in the race and graduated 3 times Italian champion of marathon and cross 2009/10/11 for the «FSSI» («Federation of Deaf Sports Italy») as well as 4 world category titles for doctors and dentists. Marco is also a FIDAL instructor. His creative vein ranges from writing books to developing the app “HiRunner», The community of indomitable runners, to the production of Iovedodicorsa, a brand of technical products for the world of sport, a bespectacled heart that“ feels ”through running shoes but, above all, a healthy and lively heart.

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