Asensio, the talent with the "left to Messi": Nadal sends him

One of Palm treethe other of Manacor. The island of Majorca as a background. Marco Asensio and Rafael Nadal they are not peers, but only countrymen. And the striker that the al Milan (and to the Juventus) owes a lot to the red earth phenomenon. It was he, when he appeared in Mallorca, who reported it to Florentino Perez with a phone call. Rafa is a fan of Real despite his uncle, Miguel Angelwas from 1991 to 1999 a player of the Barcelonaas well as a fixed point of the Selección. “President, there is a kid in Mallorca who is doing very well”. Words confirmed years after Asensiowhich before arriving on a permanent basis at the Casa Blanca he cut his teeth for a year at Espanyol on the recommendation of Benitez. With Zidane, the explosion and that goal in the final in Cardiff against Juventus which in Italy has become a catchphrase on the web.


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Asensio: “Staying at Real? We’ll see, I need continuity”

“Asensio, 4-1, it’s over”

A mockery born among the Milan fans to make fun of the Juventus fans after the umpteenth Champions nuanced. Someone even decided to print it on the shirts. Dynamics that seen with today’s eyes can overturn, as well as confirm themselves. Maldini called Ancelotti to probe the desire for Real to restrain the player. But Asensio Juventus also likes it, further back than the Rossoneri. From “Asensio, 4-1, it’s over” to “Asensio in black and white” it’s a moment. And who knows if he may not be the one to give different European sensations to Juventus supporters in the future.

The call of Holland

Asensio has the double passport: his mother, who passed away in 2011, was called Maria Gertruida Margaretha Willemsem. She had married dad Gilberto and decided the name to give to your child: Marco, in honor of Van Basten. The Dutch nationality meant that the former madridista, Van Nistelrooytried to convince him to wear the shirt of the Oranje, receiving an affectionate and sincere ‘no, gracias’. There Spain it has always been his home, although he has repeatedly admitted to having “Dutch blood”. He also proved it when he played with Real Madrid in Amsterdam against Ajax in 2019. He scored the 2-1 goal and exulted in a singular way: pretending to spread a cream on a slice of bread. The reason is that there were 11 relatives in the stands, some of whom, every time they go to visit him in Spain, bring him a peanut butter produced in Holland and which Asensio is crazy about. In short, when he plays in front of his loved ones, Asensio always gives his best. This year, in the 6-1 to Mallorca, gave his former team a hat-trick without cheering. The first and only one with the Real Madrid shirt. On her return, to be ‘forgiven’, she gave 40 tickets to friends and relatives.

Zidane’s praise

Indisputable talent and with a refined left foot. Esthete of the game and since he was a little madridista e Zidane fans. Who then found himself as a coach and first fan: “He told me he hadn’t seen a claim like mine since Messi’s time. I was amazed, he was talking about one of the best players in the world ” he said a few years ago in an interview with Cadena Cope. The qualities of him are there for all to see and he is convinced even the same Spain coach, Luis Enrique, who for a long time did not summon him. Yesterday he gave him the title after a year and a half from the last time and the Majorcan reciprocated with a great performance in Nations League with the Czech Republic. The talent is there, but to get to World there is a need to play continuously. Milan can give it to him. There Juve mashed potato. A claim like this, at least in Italyhe cannot be kept on the bench.

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