Asensio, Milan challenges Juve: Maldini calls Ancelotti

Paolo calls Carlo and asks him to Marco. A story that starts from Italy and comes straight in Spainwhere there is excitement for the World and the talents of Luis Enrique they will do everything, in the summer, to find a team that gives them space and visibility. This time Maldini will not have to fly to Ibiza to persuade Theo Hernandezbut probably always at Balearicson the island of Majorcato explain the Milan project to a player who in the real Madrid it has gone from having an important role to a marginal one. In the ride for the victory of the last Champions League, Marco Asensio he has only played twice as a starter. Different speech in championship, where he started from 1 ‘for half of the matches (19). It is about his need for a return to the lead role that the Milan has done underneath. The negotiation began with a phone call from Maldini to Ancelotti: “Carlo, would you mind?” And Carletto, as a gentleman he is, he made him understand that he would not make a fuss of it. Real Madrid, in that role, has Rodrygofound Valverde and it might even move Viniciusif anything Hazard that phenomenon of a few years ago on the left wing should return.

Asensio, deadline 2023

Real tried to offer Asensio the contract renewal, but without too much conviction. He has to give it up, because it is in expiration in 2023 and a player of indisputable value cannot lose on a free transfer. At 26, the Majorcan is still in the prime of his career, he had a bad injury in July 2019 (cruciate and meniscus), but now he is healthy, he is fine, he proved it this year in the Liga (10 goals)minus in Championswhere the only goal that he scored, of absolute beauty, was that of 2-0 to Inter in the group stage al Bernabeu. Therefore, one year after the expiration of the contract, Real know that they cannot ask for more than 30-35 million euros. A figure that in Premier they can spend with their eyes closed: in the last few days Arsenal is appended to Manchester Uniteda fascinating destination where Marco would meet his former companions Varane And Cristiano Ronaldo. At Milan, on the other hand, he would find an ideal tactical solution. Pegs can deploy it where this year they have alternated Saelemaekers And Junior Messias: right, foot reversed, ready to serve cross for Giroud or who for him with that magnificent left-handed who finds himself.

Juve, not just Milan

Maldini will now have to deal with José Angel Sanchezgeneral manager of Real Madrid, and to probe the availability of the player, who was busy until last night with the Spain in the Nations League. Competition is fierce, because beyond United there is Juventus. The Italians, unlike the Red Devilsthey can guarantee him the showcase of the Champions League, which is no small factor in optics World. Merry he appreciates him and remembers him well. It was the Spaniard who put an end to it 2017 final in Cardiff (4-1). With Church on the left, Asensio on the right e Vlahovic in the center, that of the bianconeri would be a stellar attack.

Calciomercato, the goals of the seven big Serie A teams

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Calciomercato, the goals of the seven big Serie A teams

Nadal guarantee

The turning point in his career di Marco took place in 2014. Born and raised in Mallorca, where as a kid he showed off attracting the attention of several clubs. The Barcelona, who practically had it in his pocket, and Real Madrid, who, however, were a little less convinced that his was a suitable profile. It was the indecision of the Blaugrana and one phone call from Rafa Nadal to Florentino Perez to convince the Blancos to invest around 4 million to secure it. “Mallorquin” like him and huge fan of RealNadal, in addition to being the tennis player with the most Grand Slams in history, has also shown himself to be a decent talent scout: “He saw me playing and told the president that there was a very interesting kid in Mallorca” then told Asensio years later. At that point, Florentino was convinced and the negotiation lasted very little. Visit to the Bernabeu, a tour for the Ciudad Deportiva of Valdebebas and the signing of the contract, before concluding the season in Mallorca and then moving on on loan for a year at Espanyol. Since the summer of 2016, it has been on a permanent basis at the Casa Blanca, a place that is never willing to leave. Ancelotti, however, cannot guarantee him a permanent position and Real cannot lose him to zero next season. It is then up to Maldini, or possibly Allegri, to convince him to move in Milan or Turin. It will not be the “Nadal Guarantee”, but it will have the certainty of being at the center of the project. Not a small stuff in the year of the World Cup.

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