Aronica a CM: 'Dybala perfetto per l'Inter di Inzaghi, Napoli poteva essere città ideale. Il futuro di Koulibaly...'

The return of the Palermo in B seriesthe future of Naples is that of Paulo Dybala, ever closer to Inter. Speak across the board Salvatore Aronicaformer defender of the Azzurri and Rosanero among others, intervened on the channels YouTube And Twitch from

PALERMO IN SERIES B – “Given the ride to the playoffs, everything bode well. Palermo played this last part of the championship in the best possible way, going to play at home and away with the same desire, as self-esteem, enthusiasm and confidence grew. in their own means. With a skilled ferryman with great experience and ability, Baldini in fact, they achieved such an important result. I believe that the city, the environment and society deserve to have achieved this coveted goal against a direct competitor, the Padova, which had founded the season on promotion to the cadet championship. Palermo must really be applauded for how it imposed itself and how it played both ways in this final. “

DYBALA – “Goodbye to Juve and close to Inter? The one I met in Palermo was a very young Paulo Dybala, he was beginning to enter and establish himself in Italian football even if he came from the other side of the ocean. The fact that he left Juve me he is very sorry, I think he could still give a lot to the cause. I think that Inter, with Marotta who knows him well, can certainly be a desirable track. Then there are market dynamics and important contracts, so we must also look at the balance sheets of the club. But I believe that Dybala will surely find accommodation in a big European club as soon as possible. Whether in Italy or abroad, it changes little, because I believe that the player deserves it, he has great quality, technique and experience. well in a club like Juventus: I think his career will still be long enough to prove his worth again. “

NAPLES – “If I sent a message to convince him to go to Napoli? That could also be a track, also because Napoli need to build up the battery of strikers. Naples could be the ideal city for Dybala, because the South Americans have a great appeal and his qualities would make the Napoli fans fall in love, who in addition to the love for Napoli have great competence “.

THE GOODBYE OF INSIGNE – “The captain he leaves is a void that can hardly be filled. He has given so much to the cause, has done very well and is a true Neapolitan. It is a void to fill and Politano could also go away, Napoli would need numerically and qualitatively to increase the battery of the attackers. And Dybala would be ideal “.

KOULIBALY – “In this football the flags fail. There are many situations such as Insigne, Dybala and various. As for Napoli, if they want to raise the bar and aim for the Scudetto they have dreamed of in Naples for so many years, they must complete rather than re-establish . So rely on the key players, the top players. Koulibaly is the top player in the defense, the leader and the captain who will replace Insigne for quality, experience and having lived the city knowing the Neapolitan process. Napoli must absolutely not question Koulibaly’s contract and he must secure it. And go and shore up the departments that need to be refounded. As for Koulibaly, we shouldn’t even talk about the possibility that he can go away next year at zero “.

KOULIBALY-JUVE – “Maybe at Juve? Clearly someone like Koulibaly is hungry for the top clubs. Barcelona, ​​Juventus … If he freed himself on a free transfer it would be even more attractive. I believe that Napoli having far-sightedness, having important managers and a president, De Laurentiis, who knows how to handle certain situations, will do everything to lock Koulibaly and make sure that no one sets their sights on him. because the career of the player is short and any human being if he can earn for the best he does, but in the end these are situations that the president will manage more or less well “.

DYBALA IN THE INTER OF INZAGHI – “I am convinced that he will go to Inter also for the acquaintance with Marotta and I believe that Inzaghi will not touch anything of his idea of ​​the game. I believe that Dybala will be able to do the second striker perfectly, in a season in Palermo he made For the game system that Inzaghi adopts, for Dybala playing second striker is the most suitable and congenial situation for his characteristics. I think he is ready on a psycho-physical level, he has matured and the experience at Juve has served. a player of international standing, he is an Argentine international and I believe there are no fears in going to Inter and trying to establish himself and demonstrate what his worth is. “

DEFENDERS IN ITALY – “I think Italy is undergoing a generational change. The Cannavaro, Nesta, Materazzi have gone. The Chiellini, the Bonucci, the players who have replaced these great champions have arrived. At the moment, Italian football is in progress. general difficulty, not only in defense. In terms of quality midfielders, there are no longer the Totti, Del Piero and Zambrotta players who have had a positive impact on our football. Clearly the Italian school of defenders has always been of great tradition . Chiellini has abdicated, rightly looking at the identity card, and gives way to Bastoni, Mancini and Gatti. I believe that the discussion must be done from far away, invest in the youth sectors, work to improve the Italian product from the ground up. . Today if I go to see the matches of the Spring 1, as often happens, almost all the Springs of the big players have 7-8-10 foreigners in the squad. Certainly of great value, investment and perspective, but the fact not to take care of the Italian product in their youth sectors certainly will not help and will not show a rosy future “.

SPRING THAT HAVE BEEN HIT – “I could name many names. Roma, Bologna and Napoli have great names. For example, Pesce, Napoli striker, has a great future and great prospect because he is a very valuable striker. Sampdoria has extremely talented young players. But how much are the clubs willing to aim for? Because when you go to talk about a Primavera, the first thing a great club does is to lend it to Serie B or C. This is the problem of Italian football. young people throw them in. Spain has 16-year-old national team holders. We need to change our mentality, not have the problem of the media and the fans, what do they think if Juve or Napoli field Fish because a young player, 2004, and there is the fear that he could stop the game. We must have the courage to focus on young people “.

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