Antalya, the blue squad of foil, saber and sword at the European Championships

Young quartet the one chosen by Nicola Zanotti as the man in charge of the blue saber. With the Olympic medalists Luigi Samele (new Italian champion in Courmayeur 2022) and Luca Curatoli (three second places for him in the 2021/2022 World Cup in Orleans, Budapest and Madrid), in fact, the team will be completed by the protagonist of the under 20 circuit of this year Pietro Torre and the 21 year old Michele Gallo. The reserve will be Giovanni Repetti. In the women’s saber, three of the four Tokyo 2020 Olympic athletes start again: space therefore for Rossella Gregorio (in season on the podium in Tbilisi and Plovdiv), Michela Battiston, Martina Criscio and Eloisa Passaro. Chiara Mormile was indicated for the reserve role.

The male sword, on the other hand, will focus on four athletes who went to medal in the world circuit this season: the coach Dario Chiadò, in fact, has summoned Andrea Santarelli, the new Italian champion Federico Vismara, Gabriele Cimini and Davide Di Veroli. The reserve will be Valerio Cuomo. Finally, among the swordsmen, the four protagonists of the bronze medal at the Olympic Games last summer in Japan will be back: Alberta Santuccio (winner of the FIE GP in Budapest and second in Katowice), Federica Isola (who last week won the Italian title in Courmayeur), Rossella Fiamingo and Mara Navarria.

At the European Absolute Championships Antalya 2022, where the President of the Italian Fencing Federation, Paolo Azzi will also be present, the Head of Delegation will be the Deputy Vice-President of the FIS, Maurizio Randazzo. Leading the blues at the bottom of the platform, together with the three technical commissioners, will be the masters Fabio Maria Galli and Filippo Romagnoli for foil (with the support also of the athletic trainer Annalisa Coltorti), Benedetto Buenza and Tommaso Dentico for the saber and Enrico Di Ciolo, Roberto Cirillo and Daniele Pantoni for the sword. Alongside the athletes, the doctor Riccardo Foti, the physiotherapists Massimo Donati and Federica Balbi, the weapons technicians Gianluca Farinelli and Paolo Battocchio, and Giorgia Caloro for the FIS Secretariat.

The competitions on the Turkish platforms will be open in the first three days of the six individual competitions: on June 17 the start with the women’s foil and the men’s saber; on the 18th it will be the turn of swordsmen and foil players; on 19 male sword and female saber. In the second part of the European Championships in Antalya there will be room for team tests: on the 20th on the footsteps and sabers; 21 female sword and male foil; on June 22nd closing with the team event for swordsmen and sabers. The European Championships return three years after the last time when, in Dusseldorf 2019, Italy won 10 medals, two of which gold signed by the foil players Alessio Foconi (it was a men’s double, with the second place of Daniele Garozzo) and Elisa Di Francisca (third Alice Volpi on the same podium), two silver and six bronze.

ABSOLUTE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS 2022 – Antalya (Turkey), June 17-22, 2022


Male foil

Alessio Foconi, Daniele Garozzo, Tommaso Marini, Giorgio Avola (only individual)

Reserve – team competition only: Guillaume Bianchi

Women’s foil

Arianna Errigo, Martina Favaretto, Francesca Palumbo, Alice Volpi

Reserve in Italy: Erica Cipressa

Male saber

Luca Curatoli, Michele Gallo, Luigi Samele, Pietro Torre

Reserve in Italy: Giovanni Repetti

Female saber

Michela Battiston, Martina Criscio, Rossella Gregorio, Eloisa Passaro

Reserve in Italy: Chiara Mormile

Male sword

Gabriele Cimini, Davide Di Veroli, Andrea Santarelli, Federico Vismara

Reserve in Italy: Valerio Cuomo

Female sword

Federica Isola, Rossella Fiamingo, Mara Navarria, Alberta Santuccio

Reserve in Italy: Giulia Rizzi


Head of Delegation: Maurizio Randazzo

Foil technical staff: CT Stefano Cerioni; masters Fabio Maria Galli, Filippo Romagnoli; athletic trainer Annalisa Coltorti

Saber technical staff: CT Nicola Zanotti; masters Benedetto Buenza, Tommaso Dentico

Sword technical staff: CT Dario Chiadò; masters Enrico Di Ciolo, Roberto Cirillo, Daniele Pantoni

Doctor: Riccardo Foti

Physiotherapists: Massimo Donati, Federica Baldi

Weapon Technicians: Gianluca Farinelli, Paolo Battocchio

FIS Secretariat: Giorgia Caloro


June 17

Individual women’s foil (start at 9 am)

Individual men’s saber (start at 1 pm)

June 18

Individual female sword (start at 9 am)

Individual men’s foil (start at 12 noon)

June 19

Individual men’s sword (start at 9 am)

Individual female saber (start at 1 pm)

June 20

Women’s team foil (start at 9 am)

Men’s team saber (start at 9 am)

June 21st

Women’s team sword (start at 9 am)

Men’s team foil (start at 9 am)

June 22

Men’s team sword (start at 9 am)

Women’s team saber (start at 9 am)

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