Andes: "It will be year zero for stewards and fans"

“The desirable return of the fans to the stadiums in the next sporting season requires a reflection: nothing can be as it was before Covid, because the pandemic has upset everything, both from the point of view of the security managers and from the point of view of the fans. This is why stewards are now in the year zero. Also because new realities are advancing: from July women’s football becomes professional, with the need for a further step forward in terms of the commitment of human resources, already insufficient in number before the pandemic ». These are the issues addressed in the context of the 25th national congress of ANDE.S, the National Association of Security Delegates that met in the halls of the NH Hotel in Bologna on Saturday and Sunday. The event, entitled “Prospects for planning the post Covid sporting event”, saw the participation of the Event Management Delegates from all over Italy, who had the opportunity to meet with the top management of Andes and with various experts in the sector. On Saturday evening, the Andes group attended the organization of the safety of the match between Italy and Germany at the Dall’Ara stadium in Bologna, and then held the shareholders’ meeting on Sunday morning.

«The next competitive season – explained Ferruccio Taroni, president of Andes – will be, as we all hope, that of the total return of the fans to the stands of the stadiums of the professional championships. The biggest mistake that could be made, however, is to think of being able to resume the working methods of the pre-Covid period. In fact, the pandemic has upset everything: both the organization of an event in terms of safety, and the psychology and needs of the supporters of the teams. So the stewards management will live a real year zero: a world that even before Covid had great difficulties in numbers and in the training of the young people available and which now therefore will find itself facing another mountain to climb “.

On this front, from 1 July women’s football will officially enter the world of professionalism. A scenario that will therefore also involve the world of Event Management Delegates, with an amount of work that will therefore grow. To date, discussions are underway with the Government to try to understand what the methods of employment of DGE and stewards could be. During the congress, Francesco Xausa, Andes partner, spoke about this theme in his speech entitled “Professionalism enters women’s football: what role for the DGE?”.

At the conference also the intervention of Fabrizio Ciuffreda and Roberto Tassi, delegates of Bologna, who presented “The organisational meeting form” of UEFA, the preparation meeting of the match on Saturday evening between Italy and Germany. Then the words of the deputy commissioner Eleonora Arcioni, on the theme “Strategies for planning and managing the match event”, by Francesco Furno, Dge del Campobasso on “The fire regulations in stadiums in the light of the new ministerial decrees”, “New types of control accesses for sporting events ”, by Maurizio Viozzi of Vi.Bi Snc, and the intervention of Biagio Sciortino of the National Amateur League.

Lawyer Lina Musumarra, professor of sports law at Luiss Guido Carli University, provided some indications on the reform of the sector currently in progress, anticipating that various figures, including those in charge of safety and reception of spectators, could become sports workers . A step that could lead to overcoming the occasional job of stewards, towards a true professionalization.

“The new safety requirements, not only of public order but also of health – concludes President Taroni – mean that the era of the Event Management Delegate who carries out orders is over: today it is more and more time for the delegate who designs the his sporting event and brings it to the table to share it with the representatives of the other institutions involved. Also for this reason, Delegates for Event Management and stewards will take on an increasingly decisive role, to be increasingly taken into consideration by the institutions of the world of football ».

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