Anastasi: "in Perugia to win"

Honestly, it was not a worry to have to return to the Italian championship, it would be wrong to say it – Anastasi explains at his first words as a Juventus coach – In my career he has always made evaluations focused on the type of club, on the proposal and on the prospects. Around Europe there are many important realities, Perugia is part of this circle, it is a great club, a top European club not only Italian “.

Anastasi tells about the last days and how the story with Perugia was born.

I confess it all happened pretty quickly. I had a contact with another club, then, recently, I lost my mother, the days flew by with obviously other thoughts and I decided to go to Sardinia for a few days to disconnect a bit. Instead, it was there that contacts with Perugia began. Many phone calls, I gave my willingness to negotiate, the thing went through and I am very happy to have arrived at Sir “.

Andrea finds an important team.

I think Perugia is an extraordinary team. This is demonstrated by the results obtained in recent years and I believe that even last season was excellent for large sections, then it is clear that the final result, I imagine also due to some physical problems, was not the one desired in the final scudetto and in the Champions League and missing the result is always a great disappointment. The fact remains that there is a well-built group to do very well .

Anastasi has a clear concept of playing and volleyball.

“This is a central aspect. Like all coaches, I have my personal concept of volleyball built over many years of experience and my team will have to try to follow a certain game system, a common idea of ​​volleyball. My goal will have to be to convince the team to follow my ideas and my system. I’m talking about the management of the joke, a very important fundamental but that must not be the only one. I’m talking about the wall-defense organization, the transition of the attack that is becoming decisive and I’m talking about the management of the offensive phase. The team must have great organization, must assimilate my idea of ​​the game, must know what to do in each situation. How are these goals achieved? With the work, training, study, quality and availability of the players ».

As always, the finale is dedicated to team and personal goals. Which for Anastasi practically coincide.

I come to Perugia with the idea of ​​trying to win. I am aware that winning is very difficult, I am also aware that the club and the president want to win. I think it is right to always understand where you are going. I have chosen a competitive and ambitious team, aware that the club’s will is to win, aware that only one wins and at the end of the year several will be whipped. Obviously (Andrea smiles, ed) I hope that in the end the others are. Personal goals? I do a job that questions you constantly, I have been doing it for many years and my personal goals have always been and are still those of trying to win. As I think it is for all the coaches who work at this level “. Thus concludes the new coach of the Block Devils.

At the same time as Andrea Anastasi’s arrival, the Juventus club greets Nikola Grbic, thanks him for the work he has done and wishes the Serbian coach the best fortunes for the continuation of his career.

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