Amalfi wins the 66th Historical Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics

AMALFI – Amalfi wins the 66ª Historical Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics after a heart-pounding arrival: the city is celebrating, emotion in the eyes Vincenzo Di Palma (Helmsman), Luigi Lucibello, Luca Parlato, Vincenzo Abbagnale, Giovanni Abagnale, Salvatore Monfrecola, Mario Paonessa, Alberto Bellogrado, Luigi Proto, Gennaro Gallo (Reserve), Andrea Maestrale (Reserve), Antonio La Padula (coach), Giuseppe Ingenito (Technical Director), Domenico Carbone (Sports Doctor) who hug and hug each other without holding back tears. The Amalfi sky is tinged with blue. “It is the best conclusion to the great party we have organized – said the Mayor of Amalfi Daniele Milano – for all those who love and believe in this celebration of national history, this is a great event that goes from north to south, which embraces the whole of Italy. Thanks go to the Amalfi Regatta staff who proved to be a fantastic group, together with the municipal administration and these extraordinary guys. This is much more than a regatta, it is the faith of a people, it is the feast of the people of Amalfi.

The Historical Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics opens to the mixed crew

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“In Amalfi you can’t miss it”

I realized that in Amalfi you can’t miss it – says the blue coach Antonio La Padula – nI have never seen so many people even at the Olympics. With this audience and this warmth, you can only get there first“. According to galleon of Venice: Stefano Morosinato Helmsman; Davide Stefanile; Sebastiano Carrettin; Pietro Cangialosi; Mattia Colombi; Luca Chiumento; Gustavo Ferrio; Tommaso Santi; Jacopo Colombi; Nicola Zorzetto Reserve; Giovanni Poli Reserve; Lorenzo D’Ambrosi Reserve; Davide Menegazzi Riserva; Massimo Martini Coach; Stefano Morosin. Then Genoa: Alessandro Calder Helmsman; Davide Mumolo; Federico Garibaldi; Enrico Perino; Cesare Gabbia; Alessandro Bonamoneta; Lorenzo Gaione; Edoardo Marchetti; Giacomo Costa; Andrea Licatolosi Reserve; Riccardo Corsinovi Riserva; Michele Maspero Riserva; Andrea Anfosso Coach; Vincenzo Mancuso Coach; Stefano Crovetto Sporting Director. Fourth Pisa: Gabriele Ciulli Helmsman; Edoardo Margheri; Federico Dini; Luigi Mostardi; Emanuele Giarri; Daniele Sbrana; Giulio Francalacci; Andrea Pazzagli; Simone Barandoni; Massimiliano Landi Coach; Tommaso Antoni Sporting Director; Edoardo Bellani Nostromo; Luca Possenti Nostromo; Francesco Vanni Nostromo. There award ceremony is a riot of joy. Vincenzo Abbagnaletaken by enthusiasm, he turns to the square: “On 29 September I am getting married here, at the Cathedral of Amalfi, you are all invited”, He says and with a selfie immortalizes the whole crowd.

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