Allegri anxious, his Juve is still incomplete: his requests to the management

It is not (yet) there Juve by Max. The reconstruction is in full swing and travels slower than the expectations and wishes of Allegri who, in fact, like the fans themselves, lives with sufficient restlessness this stalled on the market. Of course, Pogba it is a great starting point to start the journey that must necessarily bring the Lady back to the top immediately but around the Octopus there is little pulp. Indeed, there are several question marks and multiple uncertainties regarding the strategy undertaken by the Juventus club. At the moment, the farewells overtake the arrivals and leave a significant void to fill. With which grafts? The answer to the question for now does not lead to any real landing. The pressing of the calendar, however, is of an intensity that closely resembles the “gegenpressing” of the best Klopp’s Liverpool: leaves few spaces for reasoning. Because July 4th is just around the corner and on the date of the rally that marks the official start of the 2022-23 season there are only 18 days left. Less than three weeks, therefore, and we are off to one of the most atypical years ever to be remembered, with the World Cup between November and December that will upset the normal schedule of competitions. On the weekend of August 15th, then, we will start playing for the three points, with an immediate tour de force for which we must be ready to not repeat the shock start of last year which weighed on the final outcome of the season. .

Allegri wants an almost complete Juve for the withdrawal

This time it will have to go differently and for this reason Allegri would like to have the squad as complete as possible and defined already for the start of the retreat. An auspice that clashes with the reality of things and that requires the management to accelerate on the various open fronts. First of all there is from respond to the departures of Chiellini, Dybala, Bernardeschi and Morata. In any case, the door for Alvaro remains open but for now Atletico Madrid has different ideas than to grant a new loan and, consequently, it will take time to find an agreement. The hourglass, however, flows inexorably and even the quality of Joya, at the moment, has not been found in other protagonists, as well as Deputy Vlahovic does not yet have a name. The legacy of ChielliniFurthermore, it cannot weigh exclusively on the young and yet promising shoulders of Gatti. And if we add the fears of losing De Ligt, given the maneuvers of the top European clubs, the picture becomes even more complicated.

Quality and experience: Allegri’s requests to the Juve management

Allegri asks for players of quality and experience ready to immediately make a difference and also guarantee the leadership that is missing in the group. Here is the reason for the court closed to Di Maria: Fideo, however, seems to prefer Barcelona and keeps Juve in suspense. How long can they wait at Continassa? Of course, there will be a strong green imprint in the squad. The company wants to focus decisively on young people to continue with the renewal and look to the future and also to contain costs. Max agrees but asks for an adequate mix in order to compete for the wins. The coach is aware that he cannot fail and that next season will be judging season for him as well. It is not (yet) Allegri’s Juve: when will it be?

Juve, all the market goals from Arnautovic to Zaniolo

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Juve, all the market goals from Arnautovic to Zaniolo

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