Alexandra Botezat class reinforcement for the Futura

The big shot, this time, comes again from the central department, where Alexandra Botezat will be paired with the newly announced Tonello, among other things her partner last season with the Megabox Vallefoglia jersey in the top flight.


Born in Br? Ila (Romania) on 3 August 1998, she boasts the beauty of 7 seasons in Serie A1 with 268 appearances (from 2015 onwards), 4 titles won in the club and 2 titles with the blue jersey.

Alexandra, 196 cm tall, approaches the world of volleyball in the youth teams in her city, Castel Franco Veneto, where she plays in Giorgione. In the 2013-14 season she made the leap into professionalism at Bruel Bassano, where she plays the B1 championship, showing technical and physical qualities that immediately attract the attention of the federation that focuses on her bringing her to the court of Club Italia.

In the blue jersey Alexandra is immediately the protagonist and plays three seasons, the first of which in A2 and the following in the A1 series, where she made her debut in 2015 at just 17 years old.

In the summer of the same year she also received the call with the blue of the under 18 national team, with which she climbed to the top step of the podium, winning, for the first time in history, the gold medal in the World Championship of the category, thanks to the 3-0 victory over the United States in the final in Lima.

The good performances collected up to then lead to the call of Unet E-Work Busto Arsizio, where with the number 18 on his shoulders, in the two-year period as a “butterfly” he recorded 105 points, 51 of which were walls and he raised the CEV cup of the 2018-19 edition.

The satisfactions do not end here, in the summer of 2019, once again called up for the national team, she wins the silver medal at the XXX Universiade in Naples.

In the 2019-20 season the transfer to the “panthers” of Conegliano with which he buys up titles by winning the ‘treble’ with the victory of the Italian Super Cup, the World Club Championship and the Italian Cup.

The plant’s journey does not stop there, because in the following two seasons, it marries first in Brescia and lastly at the Megabox Vallefoglia with which it played last season.

Now it’s time to go back to Busto and wear the Futura Volley jersey, which thus guarantees a center of absolute thickness, great blocking skills and insidious service, as confirmed by the numbers, which say of 168 total matches on the scoresheet, 268 sets played and 322 points scored (34 aces, 124 blocks).

To the successes in the field is also added the academic result, with the degree in Psychology achieved just yesterday at the University of Guglielmo Marconi. The company therefore can only be proud of this further achievement and extend its warmest congratulations to the new white-red doctor.


A young profile with further growth margins combined with a wealth of experience of absolute respect, combined with physicality, technique and enthusiasm, this is the identikit of the new “nock” which looks like this:

What are the main reasons that prompted you to accept this offer?

I already know Busto’s environment, given my previous experience at Uyba, I know very well that I am joining a team where there are many ambitions and this was certainly one of the first reasons that led me to accept and share this project. I am also very happy that the club wanted me strongly and immediately focused on me giving me so much confidence, therefore this can only make me very proud to wear this shirt next season. “.

Will you find Viola Tonello you played with last year as a wardmate?

I met Viola during the season just spent in Vallefoglia, I am really very happy to be able to play with her again. I think we are very similar in some respects, especially on the pitch, as we both love working a lot and are always very focused on trying to achieve the goals we set ourselves. I think this is an important prerogative and a great start to be able to build a good season together “.

What do you think will be the added values ​​that you can bring to this team?

I must say that I am a very square and very ambitious girl and when I know I have a clear goal in front of me I work at my best to try to reach it. I will certainly bring a great availability and constancy in daily work in the gym to try to improve and therefore put an extra piece to build something important “.

What is your personal and team goal for next season?

From the team’s point of view, the goal is clear and that is promotion! I am convinced that the club has worked very well on the market by building a very competitive squad with experienced players, also gained in A1, I think there are excellent conditions to be able to reach it. Personally, I go down the category, to find even more space in a constant way and to be able to take on even more responsibility than I have done so far in my path “.

What are your main passions outside the pitch?

I just graduated in Psychology which is a subject that I have always loved a lot, as far as free time is concerned I like to do many things such as going out with friends, traveling, watching TV series “.

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