Alessandro Toscani will be the free rider from Bergamo

BERGAMO- “Ministry of Defense”. Etiquette abused, taken for granted and even worn out when you have to open the doors for a new free. Almost a “cliché” that is forced for reasons of role. For many perhaps, not for everyone. Definitely not for him. Because Alessandro Toscani, born in Ortona in 1998, is the new owner of the second line of Agnelli Tipiesse. Law student, he played the last season in Castellana Grotte after training and the long journey with Sieco Service Ortona and the year in Potenza Picena. It was 2017/2018 and his department mate was a “certain” Francesco D’Amico.


I have chosen a company that needs no introduction. Pure seriousness, objectives and continuity of impressive results since it hit the stage of the A2 series. The presence of Gianluca Graziosi was the decisive element for the destination. A technician whose path speaks clearly, as do the many young people he has been able to forge over the years. I am also thinking only of Olimpia’s first year in Serie A, with Cavuto and Pierotti above all. And from the first chat with him I can only confirm all the positive feelings matured over time. A championship marked by many ups and downs. Before Covid hit the group, it was in line with objectives and performance. Then, unfortunately, from that moment on many problems have arisen and we have suffered both physically and mentally. Until the surrender in game 3 of the fourth play-offs with Reggio Emilia, that is the opponent who proved to be the most team of all and who left us a precious teaching on the importance of the team and its strength. Which can sometimes overturn any prediction. I am still young and of course I have to improve every aspect of my role. If I had to put the magnifying glass on, I would do it on the defense. In reception, however, I have more solidity and security. As an Ortonese I can only have my example in Paolo Nicolai. A beacher capable of making history from the point of view of results, but an absolute model as a person. We know each other very well, I appreciate his technical skills as much as human ones. Emblem of humility, ability, desire and sacrifice. My curriculum has always taken shape between central and southern Italy. Bergamo will coincide with my first experience in the north. An extra stimulus and a lot of curiosity also from the point of view of the environment. Which I hope to find very warm thanks to the support of our fans, to whom I extend a greeting and whom I can’t wait to meet ».

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