Agribertocchi Orzinuovi, ufficiale la firma di Marco Calvani

Agribertocchi Orzinuovi officially announces that it has found a two-year agreement with coach Marco Calvani for the technical leadership of the first team until June 2024.

Born in 1963 and a native of Rome, coach Marco Calvani began his career as a coach at a young age, during the 1980/1981 season, at the youth sector of the Rome Basketball Centers. He also matures important experiences in women’s basketball that lead him to lead the CUS Roma for two championships, as Assistant Head Coach and the youth sector and then move on to men at Blu Star Roma (1985) in the role of Assistant Head Coach. He later chooses to take care of the youth sectors of the Stella Azzurra, historic Capitoline club and hotbed of talents, and of Virtus Roma, interspersed with assignments in Serie C respectively in Termoli (1987/1988), Palmi (1989/1990) and in youth sector in Benevento (1993/1994).

Coach Marco Calvani boasts a decade, winning a Korac Cup and an Italian Super Cup, as Assistant Head Coach (1990-2001) under the colors of Virtus Roma, of which he was Head Coach for 8 matches in the 1998/1999 season and for 13 matches in the vintage 1999/2000, taking over from coach Attilio Caja, and to coach Cesare Pancotto.

In the summer of 2002 he accepts the proposal of the RB Montecatini Terme (Serie B), where he is called to fill the role of Chief Coach, starting a positive three-year period for the final association, winning the promotion to Serie A2, a final of Coppa Italia a playoff semifinal for the top flight and a salvation.

The results obtained in Tuscany earned him the call of Scavolini Pesaro (2005/2006), a noble decayed Italian basketball player, who fell to Serie B due to serious financial difficulties, but who ranks among his ranks Carlton Myers, one of the guards strongest in the history of Italian basketball. Coach Marco Calvani hits the promotion in Serie A2, and puts an LNP Italian Cup on the bulletin board. He is also confirmed in view of the following year, only to be sacked three races from the end of the regular season with the team in third place in the standings.

Followed by the assignments in Scafati (2007/2008) in Serie A, when he takes over from coach Teo Alibegovic, in Trapani (2008/2009) in Serie A Dilettanti and again in Scafati (2009/2010) in Serie A2, recalled to replace coach Luigi Gresta.

Another season and, after an interlude in Casalpusterlengo (2010/2011), another proposal from Virtus Roma, where he returns as Assistant Head Coach. In January 2012 he was appointed coach of Virtus Roma until the end of the season, replacing coach Lino Lardo. He is also confirmed for the next championship (2012/13), when, at the height of a magical season with Luigi Datome and Gani Lawal, he reaches the championship final against Mens Sana Siena, who will become Italian champions.

After the relationship with Virtus Roma, starting from January 2014 he sits on the bench of Barcelona in Serie A2 and then signs in Naples (2014/2015) in the same category.

In November 2015 the doors of Serie A reopen thanks to the call from Sassari, where he takes over from coach Meo Sacchetti, playing the Euroleague, the Eurocup and taking part in the Final Eight of the Italian Cup, before resigning.

In the last 6 years he has been the protagonist on various Serie A2 benches, respectively in Recanati, taking over from coach Giancarlo Sacco, in Reggio Calabria (2017/2018), and in Bergamo for a two-year period (2019-2021).

Last year he was on stage in Chieti in Serie A2, where he took over coach Massimo Maffezzoli and led the red and white to salvation.

Coach Marco Calvani led the Lazio Regional Representative (1992), was a consultant to the Technical Director and Vice President at Loyola University in Chicago for the women’s and men’s basketball sections (2013) and was appointed as a meritorious coach by the Italian Federation Basketball.

Throughout his career, coach Marco Calvani was assistant coach of the Italian Under 20 national team at the 1996 European Championships in Turkey and coached players of the caliber of Luigi Datome, Dino Radja and Carlton Myers.

Finally, Coach Marco Calvani is an expert in NLP and neurolinguistic communication.

Alessandro Muzio, Sporting Director of Agribertocchi Orzinuovi, comments on the agreement with coach Marco Calvani: «We are very happy and honored to have reached a two-year agreement with coach Marco Calvani. He is a coach with a great experience and characterized by charisma, the desire to work in the gym and a pedigree of the highest level, which speaks of many seasons in Serie A2, a Scudetto final with Rome and two Serie B championships won in Montecatini Terme and Pesaro. During the talks we had with him before the signing, we understood that he is a coach willing to go down the category with a great desire to work and with the aim of restoring momentum and enthusiasm to the Orzinuovi project, to regain the affection of our fans and sponsors, whom we know we have disappointed with a bad season. Now, however, let’s look ahead. We will play Serie B to try to do well and to serve in the noble areas of the table, also because the reform of the championships requires us to do so. We will have to work hard and we want to sign players who are willing to work, sacrifice and fight, which is what both the club and our fans expect to see. We believe that coach Marco Calvani is the perfect profile to restart and send a message: Orzinuovi is there“.

These are the words of coach Marco Calvani, after the fresh agreement with Agribertocchi Orzinuovi: «I am very happy to have received the call from Orzinuovi and to have made this decision. The club has always considered me to be their first choice and I had confirmation of this by speaking with the Sports Director Alessandro Muzio and, above all, with the President Francesco Zanotti himself. I arrive in a young club, but which, over time, has always given the imprint of being a serious club, respectful of the commitments undertaken, full of enthusiasm and characterized by the willpower to always work at the best. These assumptions, together with the clarity of the Sports Director Alessandro Muzio and the President Francesco Zanotti, prompted me to accept Orzinuovi’s proposal in Serie B. I want to thank the President Francesco Zanotti, the Sports Director Alessandro Muzio and my agent Marco Valenza. I can’t wait to meet and get to know the fans and I hope that, in the future, they will be able to follow us also during the week, during training, so that they can weigh on our work.“.

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