Adriano Galliani, the exclusive interview: "We are back"

Which ones, Galliani?

«On 13 April 2017 my adventure at Milan ends and the mobile phone is transformed into the mirror of a world, of a way. Adriano Galliani, who until then was tall, handsome and blue-eyed – do you know Brad Pitt? – suddenly and quickly becomes Calimero. The frequency of calls is reduced exponentially, it only resumes on 28 September 2018 when Silvio Berlusconi buys the Monza. One hundred phone calls in C, 200 in B, a few more in the season in which we come close to Serie A ».

And since May 29 last?

«From 11 pm and 3 pm on May 29, 2022, after the match against Pisa, I witness a real explosion of … affection. The messages I receive on whatsapp are over one thousand and two hundred. It took me a week to reply to everyone. Who asked me questions, who pursued a meeting, who asked for more, who proposed: I could not solve it with a thank you and see you soon or with a red and a white heart, the colors of the heart “.

Considering the crisis facing our football and the needs of the sector, I imagine that now – for beauty regained – the American actor is also overtaking.

“Today I’m a mix of Paul Newman, Richard Gere, Marlon Brando and Brad.”

In fact, Italian football hoped for the promotion of Monza precisely because it was convinced that you would put tens of millions back into circulation. After all, she defines herself as a “spendthrift”.

“I counted 165 messages from prosecutors. I have marked them all with an asterisk ».

Two days ago he returned to the League. How did you find it? As in 2017 or, in the meantime, the chairs were also sold?

“They didn’t sell anything at all.”

In all senses, I add.

“I’ve seen some new faces and others I’ve known for decades. I introduced myself like this: “I am the young executive of a newly promoted company and I am here to learn”, provoking a few laughs. I said two words in all because the topics on the agenda were related to the ’21 -’22 season. There was also talk of the next one, of course, in particular the sale of foreign rights ”.

A disaster: if this goes on, the Premier will eat the whole cake. I understand that in 50 out of 55 countries the rights of English football cost more than those of the national championship.

«The leaders of the League see this situation as a problem, a huge problem. On the domestic side we are doing well, but on the foreign side there has been a collapse. Now the League has opened a couple of offices outside Italy, the intention is to relaunch the championship. La Liga too, not just the Premier, represents a formidable competition ».

How do you explain the involvement of American funds?

“Our clubs are assets that can be bought cheaply, or much less than elsewhere, and their value can increase considerably. Chelsea has just been bought for 4 billion pounds, while our most prestigious club, Milan, for one and two billion. Fifteen years ago the value of a reality of the main American sports – basketball, hockey, baseball, football – was 500 million, today it can reach 3 billion dollars. But let me go back to the extraordinary story ».

You’re welcome.

«When they ask me if it was more difficult to win the Champions League with Milan or get promotion to Serie A with Monza, I answer the second, absolutely. The Milan that Berlusconi bought in 1986 was a top club that had won two champions’ cups, in ’63 and in ’69, and ten league titles. The title was tarnished, for the reasons we know, but the club had a tradition, it embodied also cultural values. Berlusconi and Galliani led him to 7 champions’ cups and 18 championships starting from a base, from a consolidated prestige. Monza, born in September 1912, the A had only touched it, had known failure and had restarted from D as Domodossola. The stadium was unusable in 2018, the sports center practically non-existent. Only on 1 July 2017 he returned to C and should have played in Gorgonzola, guest of Giana ».

I feel charged as ever.

“Ours was the secular journey of Santiago de Compostela, which I think is 800 kilometers long”.

To be precise 781.

“I am the only CEO in history to have won C, B, A, Champions and Club World Cup, my friend Florentino cannot say the same”.

I don’t think he minds it.

(Smiles). «Monza is one of the richest provinces in Italy, has 800 thousand inhabitants and 75 thousand businesses, I also consider a VAT number a business. Last year the Monza companies exported over 10 billion euros. Despite these numbers, until 29 May Monza was the only Lombard province ever present in Serie A. The “combination” succeeded, always put first Berlusconi, then Galliani. Two Brianza, one acquired in ’70, the other original … Monza has a particular charm that derives from the racetrack, the A will certainly increase induced, attention, light ».

They told me that in the Lega he immediately baptized the president of Salernitana Iervolino.

“What do you mean?”.

He told him that money is not invested in football: it is spent.

«I recalled that football is a company that does not distribute dividends every year. Only if things are done well does it guarantee profits, but only at the time of sale ».

The big dream has come true. What are you aiming for now?

«Staying firmly on the left side of the ranking can only be achieved through overall growth. I am thinking of Atalanta, Sassuolo, Verona. In September Monza will have spent 20 million to improve the systems, the structures, obviously starting from 2018. There are two steps for the stadium: the first, the opening of the east stand, which will take place in August for the debut in the cup. Italy, and will bring the capacity to 16 thousand seats. The second the following season: inspired by the Dacia Arena model in Udine, we want to reach 25 thousand also through the C-shaped roofing of the two curves and the east stand. Monzello, which will soon be called Centro Luigi Berlusconi, in honor of the president’s father, has 7 fields and hosts all 15 of our teams ».

In Fininvest are they afraid that you will spend too much for Monza?

«Write like this:“ my duke ”is Silvio Berlusconi who is not happy with this promotion, but very happy. As are his children. We have done something legendary. Which we will emphasize materially. On 1 September, to coincide with the 110th anniversary, we will publish a book that will summarize the history of the club and the stadium will soon host the Monza museum. The main grandstand of the U-Power, on three levels, has an area of ​​3 thousand square meters and offers dozens of opportunities. Of course we will also have to adapt the lighting system. The other day I called the owner of the Fael, who lives in the center of Monza, and I explained to him that if he doesn’t complete the work by August, he will find a thousand ultras on the Davide Pieri bend in the house ».

The Galliani system.

“Works. He has assured me that he will respect the times. I was thinking about one thing: on 11 September there will be the F1 grand prix and on that date we will necessarily have to go away, this means that we will play the first, third and fifth at home. Serie A will find us ready ».

She is a television rights expert. It is said that in the last championship there has been a notable drop in ratings.

“We need to arrive at a more complete detection system, which takes into account public premises and second homes. Furthermore, it is necessary to expand the offer to more platforms, football must be usable from all devices ».

Will you name a portion of the stadium after the legendary Guido Mazzetti, that of “whoever wins is a good boy, who loses a head …”?

“Mazzetti my Virgil, accompanied me to hell, then to purgatory, finally to heaven.”

Have you already set a budget for A? And remember how many players it took you to reach it?

«I will do the budget in these days, a full summer immersion awaits me that does not include a weekend but only a week. We will change a lot, as we have always done, to adapt the squad to the category. The rules are clear: 17 players, three of them from outside the EU, plus four Italians and four from the youth sector. Having such a fragmented history, the only viable former is probably Pessina, Matteo, whom I love. But it doesn’t seem like a viable purchase to me. The other teams will have 25 in the squad, we will necessarily have 21 plus many over 2000. We will however focus on the young players, not on the names I read these days ».

He will spend other Sundays with, indeed against Allegri, Mourinho, Spalletti, Agnelli, De Laurentiis, Lotito …

«Max is a brother, Mou an icon, a winner, he has the story inside. It will be nice to face Juve, Inter, Milan, Naples, Rome ».

Will he try to reduce the conflict between the Football Association and the Lega?

“Don’t let me go out like the teacher who comes and teach others what it’s like in the world, please.”

«Whoever believes in it fights. Whoever believes in it overcomes all obstacles. Whoever believes it wins “…

«One of the president’s claims. Always try. Football taught me one thing: history wins. Monza is an exception: I must say that after the defeat in Perugia I feared that we would not make it precisely because of the history that was missing. Napoleon said that “to be a great leader it is necessary to become a scholar of success and the best way I know is to know the history and biography of men who have already been successful” “.

Berlusconi goes for 86, she goes for seventy-eight. And still dream.

«I was born on July 30th 1944, and I won’t add anything else. Indeed, one thing I add. A phrase that I like very much: in a dream you are never eighty ”.

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