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It is the thirtieth and last race of the competition for the amaranth cities of mister Testini. This afternoon ACF Arezzo plays at home, within the walls of the “Città di Arezzo” municipal stadium, against FiammaMonza. Kick-off at 15:30.

First half

5 ‘: Ivanova immediately brings Arezzo ahead, inserting the ball into the stake.

6 ‘: still chills for FiammaMonza. A Vicchiarello shot comes out not far from the Lombard door.

11 ‘: beautiful progression by Razzolini that forces the extraordinary Dattero.

18 ‘: Paganini tries with his left with a lob. The ball goes out.

30 ‘: nice cross from Vicchiarello, then the ball is harpooned by Carrusci.

33 ‘: Vicchiarello’s touch for Razzolini. The number 9 ACF tries the lob, but the ball goes out.

Second half

5 ‘: Orlandi comes out, Ceccarelli enters the field.

7 ‘: Razzolini grinds a good amount of meters and goes to the conclusion, but it is nothing for the girls of Mr. Testini.

11 ‘: Canobbio and Lorenti are replaced in the green rectangle by Pagano and Castelli.

18 ‘: Ceccarelli’s lob is followed by the goal of doubling for Arezzo, made by Tuteri.

23 ‘: Gnisci takes the place of Ivanova on the field.

24 ‘: Arezzo drops the trio, with Razzolini adding another mark to the match.

25 ‘: Razzolini goes to the bench, Lorieri enters the field. Valtolina and Cervati replace Valtorta and Tasca.

29 ‘: another change decided by Mr. Testini, between Tuteri and Zelli. Immediately after, Dadati gives way to Dal Lago for the FiammaMonza.

36 ‘: Paganini is replaced by Mastel.

45 ‘: Vicchiarello’s stroke on a free kick closes the clash with poker for the hosts.


ACF AREZZO: Valgimigli, Tuteri (74 ‘Zelli), Costantino, Paganini (81’ Mastel), Orlandi (50 ‘Ceccarelli), Razzolini (70’ Lorieri), Verdi, Ivanova (68 ‘Gnisci), Pasquali, Vicchiarello, Ferretti. Available Aliquò, Zijlma, Ceccarelli, Gnisci, Cirri, Zelli, Mastel, Lulli, Lorieri

Trainer: Emiliano Testini

FIAMMAMONZA: Carrusci, Dadati (74 ‘Dal Lago), Canobbio (56’ Pagano), Tiziani, Dattero, Nascamani, Di Bella Di Santa, Lorenti (56 ‘Castelli), Ebali Essomba, Tasca (70’ Cervati), Valtorta (70 ‘Valtolina ). Available Caporiondo, Pagano, Bertoni, Castles, Castellani, Valtolina, Cervati, Dal Lago, Bassoli

Trainer: Danilo Brambilla

Markers:5 ‘Ivanova (first half); 18 ‘Tuteri, 24’ Razzolini, 45 ‘Vicchiarello (second half)


Race director: Matteo Giudice

Assistants:Enea Furiesi, Kevin Scanu



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